Gladys Berejiklian NSW Premier, honoured political tradition

Surprise! Surprise! Berejiklian has a long-honored political legacy

Here's a word I never intended to write: Gladys Berejiklian sex scandal.

From her straight shooting politics to her matronly handbags, her modest knee-length dresses and mummy court shoes, no-frills of the NSW Premier, no-nonsense picture was anything but glamorous or scandalous, and that's how most of her constituents liked it.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian witnessed an awful press conference today in Sydney after giving testimony at ICAC.

And yet here we see the full public airing of the Premier's most private dirty laundry since agreeing to a "near personal friendship" with disgraced former Liberal MP Daryl Maguire lasting five years and just ending in August. Berejiklian continued with the hidden dalliance long after Maguire was forced to resign in 2018 on charges of unethical behaviour.

Everyone is entitled to a personal life , of course, but those who vote for public life quickly learn to kiss their privacy dreams.

And let's be honest, if it weren't for the time-honored convention of a three-ring electoral sex scandal, Australian politics would be so much duller. God knows our poles excelled in this field.

Compared to former Liberal leader Sir Billy Snedden, Berejiklian 's sexual adventures are somewhat beige. After attending the unveiling of the initiative by John Howard in 1987, Snedden was found dead in a reasonably ordinary hotel room at Rushcutters Bay after having suffered a heart attack with his son's ex-girlfriend, known only as "Wendy."

The Reality newspaper ran the headline: Snedden died at work.

Then there is the case of former Prime Minister Ben Chifley, who also supposedly died from a 1951 heart attack in his secretary 's business, ahem.

Recently disgraced Labor MP Craig Thomson was fined $25,000 in 2014 after being found guilty of wasting money on "self-indulgent" habits like fancy hotels, etc ... Those that are prostitutes.

The then Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce resigned his post in 2018 after a series of damaging allegations were revealed, primarily his extramarital affair with staffer Vikki Campion, who was revealed to be pregnant with his child.

Shortly afterwards, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull 's notorious legislative "bonking ban" was enforced, banning federal MPs from sleeping with workers.

Also in 2018, ex Federal Nationals MP Andrew Broad found himself on New Concept pages after the magazine broke the news of his hotel date with "sugar baby" Candy Sophia Rose. Broad, married and deputy minister, apparently repeatedly called himself "James Bond."

In 2009, NSW Health Minister John Della Bosca resigned after exposing his six-month affair with a 26-year-old prostitute half his age. Berejiklian should note: during a 10-minute dismissal news conference, Della Bosca made no less than 10 references of his "bad personal choices."

Former West Australian opposition leader Troy Buswell made world headlines after admitting sniffing a Liberal woman's chair.

Eventually it takes years for presidential sex scandals to emerge, but as they do, they also make major headlines.

Former foreign minister and deputy labor leader Gareth Evans kept secret a five-year romance with Labor 's star hire Cheryl Kernot.

Years later, Evans referred to the relationship as a "great customer passion." Though it was debated in the late 1990s in the Canberra Press Gallery, it was never published, except though Kernot defected from Democrats to Labor in 1997. Nine political reporter Laurie Oakes finally broke in 2002.

In an interview on ABC Radio in 2002, former Deputy Prime Minister Jim Cairns announced that he achieved his peak ranking in April 1975, "after six months of Morosi attention." At the moment, he finally revealed he had slept with beautiful Junie Morosi, his private secretary.

Cairns brought a defamation lawsuit against Fairfax, the publisher of the now-departed National Times, after the partnership was released in January 1981.

Cairns said, amazingly, "Nobody asked if I'd sleep with her."

No wonder that's the same issue Berejiklian had long wanted to escape.