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Gladys Berejiklian claims 'dodgy Daryl' Maguire was never her lover, but cherished him.

Gladys Berejiklian revealed she was truly 'in love' with Daryl Maguire and dreaming of marrying him, but she never called her boyfriend.

The New South Wales Prime Minister made the rounds on Monday morning, first with Ben Fordham and then with The Kyle and Jackie O Show, to disclose more about her 'near personal friendship' with the disgraced former MP.

Gladys Berejiklian spoke to Kyle and Jackie O
Gladys Berejiklian spoke to Kyle and Jackie O

Ms. Berejiklian has failed to mark their relationship after being called to testify about corruption investigation in an independent tribunal.

In 2018, she was forced to unceremoniously shoot Wagga Wagga's agent after finding that he allegedly made untrustworthy deals.

Yet she maintained the 'near intimate link' with the 61-year-old until September, when she was testifying at the inquiry.

She said she made a deliberate decision to "never believe the worst of people," but confessed "in this situation I should have done so."

Although her personal relationship information had been "humiliating and embarrassing," she said it made her feel "more normal."

"After all this, I 'm beginning to get much better ... It makes me feel more human and insecure than ever before," she told the breakfast show hosts.

Gladys Berejiklian announced that she wanted one day to marry disgraced ex MP Daryl Maguire.

Berejiklian confessed to 2 GB Ben Fordham that after devoting most of her time to politics, she had little knowledge of romantic relationships.

"It's fair to say I 'd actually have less experience on average than the average person, but that's horrible to speak about," she said.

"I definitely liked him ... but no, he wasn't my lover."

Gladys Berejiklian Maguire

"I've mostly focused on my career, my career, my family, and I haven't really had time to be honest about anything else."

When asked why she never talked to a guy she was apparently in love with to her family or friends, Ms. Berejiklian said she refused to express her thoughts without thinking the relationship would last.

'It wasn't a regular friendship, not my boyfriend. I definitely wished he'd, but it wasn't enough. If I knew, I wouldn't add someone to my close-knit network, "she said.

"I definitely liked him ... but no, he wasn't my lover."

Mrs. Berejiklian also dismissed Kyle Sandilands' lesbian claim.

Berejiklian confessed to 2 GB's Ben Fordham
Berejiklian confessed to 2 GB's Ben Fordham that after devoting most of her time to politics, she had little knowledge of romantic relationships.

In answer to Sandilands' question whether she ever dabbled in a same-sex relationship, Ms. Berejiklian said, "I don't have it and I don't have it. There's nothing wrong with that. ‘

Sandilands said he understood why she needed to keep the relationship confidential, given "the best sex is secret sex," but the prime minister refused to elaborate on the personal details of her previous relationship.

During the ICAC investigation and many television interviews since then, Ms. Berejiklian seemed stoic, but admitted that she had shed tears at the humiliation of the whole experience in her own house.

She said after last week's investigation, she hadn't allowed herself much time to grieve over the breakup.

You have responsibilities when you're going through something painful, so you must compartmentalize what you're going through. My goal is this great state, "she told Fordham.

Daryl Maguire

New South Wales chief admitted shedding tears in private, but was now focused on returning to work and telling the public why she was selected.

"I wanted to be as transparent as possible for someone really private ... last week was a rough week," she said.

Ms. Berejiklian admitted that she had not yet told her parents about the nature of the relationship, even though personal details were made public last week.

"I haven't spoken to my parents in depth, but they were very helpful," she said.

"These discussions will take place over time, but I have other commitments."

Gladys Berejiklian talked to Kyle and Jackie O about Maguire 's friendship

Ms. Berejiklian was shocked as callers came in to beg her not to consider resigning due to controversies and respect her efforts to run the administration.

Some, like Fordham, claimed she had long been the strongest prime minister the state had chosen.

"I think we'd be nuts if we lost the best prime minister we've had for such a long time," Fordham said.

She vowed not to give up politics, but confessed on Sunday that after announcing her affair with Mr. Maguire, she had 'given love forever.'

Daryl Maguire

'I can't imagine [love] happen again. "She told Kyle and Jackie O on Monday morning.

'On nobody I wish that. When you have a big life trauma, you don't have to say the entire world, but that's what I wanted to do and what was expected of me.

'I 'm lucky that state people know who I am and know that I've always done my best for them ... What we've all gone through as a state, people have to know me, and I guess that's why my circumstances are forgiven. ‘

Mr Maguire testified on Friday that he had ordered his electoral workers to delete all his records that could have been incriminating after his involvement in a 2018 ICAC inquiry that prompted Wagga Wagga 's resignation.