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When my big squishy man and I are out, people stare and assume I'm a gold digger.

As Sienna Keera and her son Oliver were having fun in the park, she paused to kiss her fiancé George Keywood, who then yelled, "Look at that obese guy!"

On her way out, she noticed some parents chuckling while others looked at them with disdain, as though they were disgusted by the sight of Sienna and George, the morbidly obese child.

Some people have referred to her connection with BBC Three mockumentary comedy series star George, 27, as a "money digger" on the internet.

"We've received a lot of harsh comments on TikTok, suggesting I'm after George's money because he's an actor," says Sienna, a 26-year-old web influencer and mother of one.

I'd go after someone wealthy if I were a gold digger! Those remarks are stupid since George is simply content with his current circumstances; we don't lead a lavish lifestyle, thus they are irrelevant. George has also been dubbed sluggish and unhealthy by his detractors.

George Keywood wife sienna keera only fans reddit, onlyfans bikini bude pics
sienna keera

"They claim that because he is so large, I will never be attracted to him. I'm not sure why people think that, because I'm clearly drawn to him. I don't know." While the attention from strangers on the street bothers me since it's impolite, I know we stand out from other couples. Guy after guy has made an effort to flirt with me in front of George while we were out. Because of his size, they might believe they have a fighting chance, but we ignore them.

"I believe I would be treated better if I was large as well. It's more common to see a thin man and a large woman together than two big people."

a somebody who is both outgoing and flirtatious

Sienna, a native of Sydney, Australia, fell in love with George after seeing his Netflix show in early 2018 and messaging him on Instagram in June of the same year.

When I was in high school, my friends teased me about my preference for taller men. My friends still tease me about it now.

sienna keera
sienna keera

Yes, he is, and I may do some research on him. 'You're my favorite character on the program,' I wrote to him on Google+.' His grin, eyes, and, of course, his bulging tummy drew me in. And don't forget about his massive thighs and plush chest. I enjoy the sensation of being a more mature man. " From then on, we were exchanging messages nearly every day. He was confident, charismatic, talkative, and very flirty, and we both shared that sense of humor.

It took me coming to the UK for six weeks in January 2019 for a holiday before we met in person after we'd been talking for a few months.

For a period of two weeks, Sienna lived in an Airbnb in London, but George accompanied her to and from work every day.

They then went to Amsterdam and Paris before she returned to Australia, where she had already made up her mind to move halfway across the world to be with him permanently.

Seen here after spending two months at home, applying for a visa, and moving from Surrey, British Columbia to be with George, who proposed aboard a gondola in Venice in June of this year.

She found out she was expecting Oliver, who is now 17 months old, not long after that.

sienna keera
sienna keera

According to her, "The pregnancy was arranged in advance.". However, we didn't expect this to happen so quickly after we stopped taking birth control. It's the finest sex life I've ever had since we have such a passionate relationship. George is an extremely adaptable person, despite his large stature. Family and friends were not happy when I first moved out.

In light of the fact that they hadn't met George, they cautioned me against moving that far away only to be with someone I hadn't known very long.

The only problem is that I told myself, 'I love him, so I'm going to follow my heart.'"

They've changed their minds about us now and are enthusiastic supporters.

Looking back, it's surreal because everything happened so quickly. I'd had long-term relationships in the past, but I'd never considered starting a family or getting married. However, when you meet the proper person, you immediately feel attracted to him or her. "It was always going to be this way."

Sienna admits her celebrity crush James Corden's diet is vastly different from her own. During this time, she cooks George a full breakfast while sipping on black coffee.

While browsing Netflix, Sienna came upon a show featuring George (who prefers to remain anonymous about his actual weight).

Because she's a vegetarian, she makes scrambled eggs with faux bacon and cream cheese on toast for him frequently. If you're wondering about his snacking habits, here they are: We eat the same things for lunch and supper, but George will often eat twice as much as I do, including sides. George claims to have gained weight since we started dating, but I can't tell because I don't look at him. Even before we met, he was trying to slim down because he thought it was a desirable trait among women. We make fun of the fact that he gained weight during my pregnancy because he was with me all the time.

sienna keera
sienna keera

If George wanted to lose weight, I'd be happy to help him, but he doesn't want to at the time, and that's okay with me. I adore him just the way he is.

Being overweight carries its own set of health problems, but the inverse is also true: you can be both fat and unhealthy. Everyone but George cares about George's health.

"Even if he were to lose weight, I'd still be interested in him. We're married and have a child, so our relationship goes beyond mere physical attraction, but I wouldn't have sent him that initial message if he wasn't large."

To put it another way, George is a huge guy. Because my father and older brothers and sisters were also huge people, I've grown accustomed to eating a lot of food. But I'm the happiest and largest I've ever been right now. The guys who message her ask, "Why would you be with him?" and the folks who label my man boobs "disgusting" and "vile" on the internet. Despite the fact that it doesn't bother me, Sienna is more concerned about how people see our relationship. Because of my girth, I've come to expect criticism. I laugh it off and continue my life as if nothing had happened. Because most of the girls who approach me are on the larger side, when Sienna first messaged me, I was taken aback. When I first met her, I was skeptical because of her apparent interest in my role on a TV show, but as soon as we got to talking, I realized she was sincere.

For some reason, I was drawn to him because of his smile and eyes. There was also his huge belly,' Sienna reflected. And don't forget about his massive thighs and plush chest. 'I enjoy the sensation of becoming a larger man.'

sienna keera
sienna keera


"I'm massive and I get it, but Sienna loves me just the way I am. People will always be critical of us because of our differences, however. Even though it may seem like it, I haven't used up any money on the NHS and don't suffer from any chronic conditions like diabetes or shortness of breath. It enrages me to hear that I'm a financial burden on the NHS. During a recent physical, the doctor expressed surprise that I was in such good health. Someone your size should have health difficulties, right? We're content with the way things are right now. That isn't our fault if other individuals aren't. We care deeply about one another and want the best for our son and ourselves.

It's great if you want to judge, but we're not going to change because of the hatred."