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Gavin Preston The Underworld Unveiled: Witness the Bone-Chilling Moment a Gunman Takes Aim at a Notorious Figure


Melbourne's notorious criminal, Gavin “Capable” Preston, was killed in an ambush attack, raising fears of a new gang war. 

At a suburban cafe in Melbourne's north-west, a black-clad killer shot Preston and his companion, Abbas Jr “AJ” Maghnie. Patrons scrambled for safety amidst the chaotic scene

Preston, involved in numerous underworld disputes, had been released from prison recently after serving his sentence for killing a drug trafficker. 

Preston’s life had been put out two months prior to his death. 

Underworld sources confirm that up to eight shots were fired at Preston and Maghnie at the cafe. 

Preston's death's connection with an assault at Barwon Prison, where he served his sentence, is unclear. The vehicle used in the shooting was found abandoned in a nearby location. 

Police believe the shooting was targeted, connected to organised crime, and could incite revenge attacks. They assure their commitment to preventing further violent incidents

Post his prison release, Preston was involved in various extortion attempts. He had allied himself with AJ Maghnie and was part of a transport business in Melbourne's western suburbs. 

Preston was also involved in a bitter feud with the Notorious Crime Family, founded by George Marrogi, a convicted trafficker and killer, currently serving a sentence in Barwon Prison. 

Preston was suspected of plotting to kill former Bandidos enforcer Toby Mitchell and underworld figure Mick Gatto. 

In the aftermath of the shooting, police were busy investigating multiple potential crime scenes. Preston, known as "Capable", was considered one of Melbourne’s underworld's most feared and hated members. 

Since his release, Preston had been recruiting a new crew in the western suburbs, suspected of several stand-overs and robberies.


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