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After the F1 qualifying drama, Max Verstappen sprays fucking

Max Verstappen has unleashed a torrent of fucking, which he attributes to costing him pole position in a dramatic Portuguese Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton promised to throw his elbows in a first-lap scrap with Max Verstappen, who blasted the "f***ing d***heads" who denied him pole position.

Verstappen was enraged after the stewards deleted his pole position lap for violating track limits during qualifying for the Portugal Grand Prix. He was then snarled in traffic as he attempted in vain to beat Valtteri Bottas' pole position lap time.

Verstappen brushed away the television cameras following his third-place qualifying finish, but could not conceal his irritation at being held up.

Lando Norris was reportedly ordered by McLaren during qualifying to "do him no favors," although Verstappen also blasted Sebastian Vettel's slow Aston Martin.

He said over the team's radio, "F*** sake, why don't these guys move? I am currently on a quick lap. They are a bunch of f***ing d***heads!"

“I did not enjoy a single lap,” he later said.

Driving was not pleasurable. If you look at the lap time (which was deleted), of course we should have had pole position, but I dislike using the terms could, would, and could. I considered repeating the lap but then ran out of time due to an Aston Martin in front of me.

Verstappen was not impressed.
Verstappen was not impressed.

“I recall coming here to Portimao prior to the Grand Prix and it being one of my top three favorite tracks before they changed the tarmac. I'm no longer enjoying it.”

McLaren denied any misconduct in instructing Norris not to gift wrap a qualifying time to Verstappen, stating that the team simply did not want the Dutchman to profit from being in Norris' slipstream.

“First and foremost, we must state unequivocally that we drive for ourselves and not for someone else. Our objective with our two cars is to finish as high as possible,” team principal Andreas Seidl said.

“I suppose it's normal that, like anyone else, and Max included, you don't want to give someone a tow, as it benefits the other driver.

Qualifying entails completing the lap time without assistance from someone else.

“You simply attempted to move out of the way, out of the slipstream, to ensure that everyone would complete his lap independently.”

Hamilton braces himself for a feisty start.

Meanwhile, Hamilton, who starts in P2, is bracing himself for a full-throttle attack from Verstappen, who was fastest out of the blocks in the previous race in Italy.

The Red Bull driver was bullish as he rammed his way past Hamilton and Bottas to win the rally.

Hamilton, however, insists he will not capitulate as he seeks to extend his championship lead over Verstappen to a slender one point.

Hamilton, who was only 0.007 seconds slower than Bottas, said: "There was so much time lost out there that I couldn't bring it together."

It was very difficult, and this qualifying session ranks at the bottom of all my qualifying sessions.

“However, I plan to go all-in at the start of the race. Between the three of us, it will be a near fight.”

Bottas claimed his 17th pole position of his career after a tough start to the season in which he was overshadowed by his Mercedes teammate.

The Finn's future with the team has been questioned, and he was also collided with by George Russell, who has been touted as a possible replacement.

“It's a great feeling to be on pole position,” he continued. It feels like a long time ago, and qualifying has been a weakness for me in the opening two races. However, this has brought a smile to my face. I believe we are on the right track. The only thing I am certain of is that perseverance still pays off.”