Former Bachelor and I’m A Celeb, Abbie Chatfield perth now age net worth

Abbie Chatfield of The Bachelor debuts a sex toy with matching earrings.

On Tuesday, Abbie Chatfield took to Instagram to promote a bedroom gadget – but fans were distracted by the item hanging from her ears.

Abbie Chatfield is well-known (and adored) for speaking out on taboo subjects.

Now, the former Bachelor star and new queen of the I'm A Celeb jungle is delving into another topic that many people find awkward to address – orgasms, especially female orgasms.

The 25-year-old recently revealed a partnership with adult brand Vush to develop her own sex toy – a bright orange device that Abbie says she made "super heavy" to compensate for the number of times she's returned home from a date in need of "self care."

However, when Abbie was debating the racy relationship on Tuesday during an Instagram Live, fans were distracted by something hanging from her ears.

Abbie Chatfield used Instagram Live on Tuesday to announce the arrival of her new sex toy.
Abbie Chatfield used Instagram Live on Tuesday to announce the arrival of her new sex toy.

Abbie went one step further by wearing the X-rated item in her earlobes while dressed entirely in orange to fit the $150 bedroom gadget.

To be sure, she did not have two gigantic sex toys hanging from her face, but rather a tiny version turned into adorable earrings.

It didn't take long for the cheeky item to cause a stir among the star's 255,000 fans, with many wondering where they could purchase the earrings.

“I'm all about women inspiring other women! PS I adore the mini vibrator earrings,” one customer commented.

“YES, VIBRATOR EARRINGS,” added another.

While another said, "The fact that her earrings are miniature vibrators is bringing me back to life."

Abbie responded in the comments section, reminding fans that the earrings will be released on Sunday, April 11, alongside her bedroom gadget.

If you're hoping they vibrate like the object they're modeled after, Abbie reported that "they do not."

Abbie has been a leading spokesperson on a number of subjects, including sexuality, women's rights, and body image, after she rose to fame on the 2019 season of The Bachelor.