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Nathan Apodaca tripled the 1977 sales of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" when his TikTok went viral a few weeks ago. The clip shows Apodaca skateboarding down the street and lip-syncing the song between Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice swigs right from the bottle. By retweeting with the caption "We love this," the band gave his performance a thumb, and now Mick Fleetwood is giving the viral phenomenon a nod by recreating the song, cran-raspberry juice, and everything.

Mick Fleetwood
Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood Recreates TikTok 'Dreams'

Legendary musician joins TikTok to recreate viral video that puts the rumors on the charts

Mick Fleetwood made our "Dreams" come true when he recreated a massively viral TikTok that last week catapulted Fleetwood Mac 's 1977 RS Charts album. The album reached RS 100 number 29.

The TikTok in question was developed by user Nathan Apodaca (a.k.a. dogface208) and featured Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry Juice skateboarding and drinking on the Rumors track. The band posted the 26th September video, saying, "We love this! Fleetwood's TikTok version (he seems to have joined the platform for that very purpose) features the musician essentially recreating the original, with some very chill lip-syncing.

It's unclear whether he's skateboarding. In a world of rampant nonsense, this bit of silliness is a welcome break. OG video has over 23 million views, while Fleetwood's is quickly gaining 2.6 million. In his Da*da*ism project, Fleetwood recently released a new recording and video for "These Odd Times."

"The project is about the energy of choosing, determining whether you want to be part of the dark or light when push comes to shove, which at this moment in history seems very fitting," he said in a statement. Last summer, at 73, Fleetwood Mac guitarist and co-founder Peter Green died.

"To me and every past and present Fleetwood member, losing Peter Green is monumental! "Fleetwood wrote Rolling Stone 's comment. "Peter was the man who began Fleetwood Mac with me, John McVie and Jeremy Spencer. No one ever entered Fleetwood Mac without respect for Peter Green and his talent, and the fact that music should shine brightly and always be delivered with uncompromising passion!!!