Evander Kane gambling debt bankruptcy salary, parents anna Instagram nhl age

Evander Kane anticipates vindication in the form of his estranged wife's gambling allegations.

Evander Kane feels upbeat about his NHL prospects.

ESPN aired an interview with Kane on Thursday, in which he stated that he expected the league to "conclude" its investigation into allegations made by his estranged wife that he gambled on his own games and tossed games for gambling purposes.

Kane stated that he feels the outcome of the probe will exonerate him.

“Clearly, [the claims are] ludicrous. It's awful what occurred, and it's unfortunate that those false charges were made," he said on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" with Linda Cohn.

“I quickly recognized their magnitude. I am aware that [they are] untrue. I'm aware that none of what she said was true. I was confident and secure in the knowledge that I would be exonerated and continue to be exonerated of those allegations,” he explained.

Kane — who filed for bankruptcy in January in California — revealed to Cohn that he sought assistance for his gambling problem. In November 2019, he was sued by a Las Vegas casino for gambling debts totaling more than $500,000.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly told ESPN on Wednesday that he expects the inquiry to conclude shortly — and that a full report would be available before next week's start of training camps.

On July 31, a pregnant Anna Kane took to Instagram to publish a number of charges against Kane, including suspicions of infidelity. Anna said that Kane abandoned her and their then-one-year-old daughter and flew to Europe for a vacation while the bank took their property.

On the day the allegations were made, the NHL launched an inquiry. Kane rejected his "soon-to-be-ex- wife's" charges at the time, labeling them "lies" in two tweets.

Kane was just given a temporary restraining order against his estranged wife following his accusation of domestic violence. In court filings acquired by TMZ on August 29, he cited multiple charges of alleged physical abuse.

Evander Kane gambling debt bankruptcy salary, parents anna Instagram nhl age
Evander Kane is being investigated for gambling following allegations made on social media by his estranged wife Anna.

Kane also asserted that Anna is "mentally ill." He is apparently planning to seek a permanent restraining order against his estranged wife during a September hearing.

Following the public disclosure of his wife's charges, a report claimed Kane's San Jose colleagues do not want him on the squad.

Kane told ESPN that he "didn't really have a reaction" to the news and that he takes reports and rumors "with a grain of salt." He stated that he is not "necessarily aware or believes" that problems exist between teammates.

Kane signed a seven-year, $49 million contract with the Sharks in 2018. His 12th season in the NHL and fourth with the Sharks came in 2020-21.