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EV sales jumped in Australia but policy fail Electric Vehicle Council annual

Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) have increased in Australia, although the federal government's policies have been

Even though Australia's federal government scored a policy "fail" in its annual State of Electric Vehicles report published today, electric car sales have soared in Australia in the first six months of 2021.

The report points out that electric vehicle sales are expected to increase significantly in 2021. This year's first six months have seen sales of electric vehicles surpass those of last year by over 8,600 units. It is estimated that approximately 6,900 vehicles were sold during the course of 2020.

In terms of government electric vehicle regulations, states and territories have led the pace. According to the industry group's scorecard grading government electric vehicle policies, New South Wales leads the

A spokesperson for the company stated, "Movement across most states and territories is now generally positive, which provides greater confidence to private sector investors. This will pave the way for more charging locations and better services to promote e-mobility."

EV sales jumped in Australia but policy fail Electric Vehicle Council annual

On the scoreboard, New South Wales received nine out of 10 points, despite the fact that its policies, which include a $3,000 refund and a stamp duty waiver, aren't set

According to Jafari, "New South Wales has adopted the best electric car policy in Australia to date."

It's good to see that the $500 million investment and incentives package to increase the acceptance of zero-emission vehicles is finally on par with When it comes to electric vehicle availability and sales, I know that the entire industry is ecstatic."

With a '8', the Australian Capital Territory stood right behind the top state, while the Northern Territory and Tasmania both scored seven out of ten points. Several other states received a six-out-of-ten grade, which is

When it came to clean transportation, the Electric Vehicle Council failed the federal government, granting it only three out of 10 points.

A lack of leadership on electric vehicles at the federal level is now the biggest obstacle, Jafari said.

Over 30 electric car models are available for purchase in Australia, with almost half of them costing less than $65,000, according to the survey.

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