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Europol Assists Dutch Authorities in Dismantling Europe's Largest Pirate IPTV Service, Massive Illegal Streaming Crackdown Results in Arrests and Seizures


In a significant victory against illegal streaming activities, the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD), with support from Europol, has successfully taken down one of Europe's largest pirate IPTV services. This operation has resulted in multiple arrests and the seizure of illicit streaming equipment.

The illegal IPTV (Internet Protocol television) service had been serving over 1,000,000 users across Europe, offering them access to an extensive range of pirated content. Subscribers to the service could enjoy over 10,000 live TV channels and a vast library of 15,000 films and TV shows.

On May 23, a series of coordinated raids were carried out in various locations across the Netherlands. FIOD officers executed search warrants, targeting the infrastructure and individuals involved in the illegal streaming network. As a result, several suspects were apprehended on suspicion of their involvement in the distribution of premium copyrighted content without authorization.

Europol's European Financial and Economic Crime Centre played a crucial role in supporting the investigation. Their experts provided analytical assistance, identifying key targets and mapping out the criminal activities of the network across Europe. Europol facilitated operational meetings, bringing together investigators from different European countries affected by this illegal streaming network.

On the action day, Europol experts were deployed in various locations within the Netherlands to provide on-site support to the FIOD. This collaboration between Europol and Dutch authorities underscores the commitment to combatting intellectual property theft and illegal streaming operations on a pan-European level.

The takedown of this pirate IPTV service marks a significant blow to the criminal network involved in illicit streaming activities. It sends a clear message that law enforcement agencies are determined to protect the rights of content creators and copyright holders, as well as safeguarding the interests of legitimate broadcasters and streaming platforms.

The investigation and subsequent arrests demonstrate the determination of Dutch authorities to clamp down on illegal streaming services. It also serves as a strong warning to individuals involved in similar criminal activities across Europe that they will be pursued and held accountable for their actions.

The seized equipment and evidence will now undergo forensic examination, further aiding in the identification of individuals involved in the illegal operation. The successful collaboration between Europol and the Dutch authorities sets a precedent for future joint efforts in combating intellectual property


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