Emily Ratajkowski after birth Sylvester Apollo Bear, Instagram pictures age

Emily Ratajkowski appears eleven days after the birth of son Sylvester Apollo Bear on Instagram.

New mother Emily Ratajkowski defied all odds. Just eleven days after giving birth to her baby son she returned fully to her famous figure.

Just eleven days after giving birth to her baby boy, Emily Ratajkowski has overcome all odds.

Sylvester Apollo Bear, her first baby with the film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, was born on the model on 8th March.

Emily, 29, returned to her flat stomach a little over a week after her son was welcomed.

The new mother took her body to Instagram while modeling new pieces from her line of Inamorata Women.

The influencer was in a silky, long sleeved top with appropriate loose pants covered in an elegant light blue and white pattern.

Em Rata via her Insta, just 11 days after birth.
Em Rata via her Insta, just 11 days after birth.

Emily left her top wide open and gave followers an insight into her cleavage and ultra-flat belly.

In a second post she posted a clip where she closely zoomed on a tummy and revealed her unlikely thin tail.

The model even took to her loungewear posts, a startling 11 days after her son arrived.

Emily was born on 8 March, although officially the news was revealed on 11 March three days later.

She said to the world in a beautiful picture while her son was breastfeeding: "Sylvester Apollo Bear has joined us on Earth's side. On the most surreal, stunning and loving morning of my life, Sly arrived on 3:8/21."

The Gone Girl star announced her pregnancy news in October 2020, when she celebrated the cover of Vogue magazine.

Emily explained in her interview with her fashion publication that her child will grow up non-binary until the age of 18.

New mum Emily Ratajkowski.
New mum Emily Ratajkowski.

"Their first question, after 'Congratulations' is almost always 'You know what you want, when my husband and I say to friends I am pregnant,'" she regaled.

"We would like to say that once our baby is 18, we won't know the gender and they will let us know then.

"All of us laugh at this. However, there is a truth in our line that points to possibilities that are far more nuanced than any genitalia from which our child might be produced," she told the interviewer.

"The fact is that we ultimately have no idea who is developing inside my belly instead of what."

Who's going to be this person? What kind of person are we going to become parents to? How are they going to change our lives and who are we?" This is a wonderful and terrible idea, which makes us powerless and humble," she poured.

Emily shares her firstborn with Sebastian Bear-McClard, an Independent film producer she married in February 2018.

Even though she had known him for years, her marriage was like a shock, because a month earlier she broke up with music composer Jeff Magid.

New mum Emily Ratajkowski.
New mum Emily Ratajkowski.

However, a source later told us weekly, "Emily's known Sebastian for years. They were together in a group of friends. He wasn't an alien."

The world-renowned bikini and lingerie model talked very often about their body changes during pregnancy, also sharing pictures of their bump.

"Sometimes I feel like Pooh in human form, sometimes like a goddess of fertility with a juicy behind," she explained.

"I took it on a day I felt the latter. I know I'll miss this bump anyway, and these kicks will be really soon."