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Einar Cruz aka Einar El Vikingo luchador violently Mateo 5 boy

After violently tossing a five-year-old fan, a wrestler was arrested.

Police arrested a professional wrestler after he lost his mind and violently threw a five-year-old boy across the street.

This is the moment a five-year-old child was flung to the ground and injured in Mexico by a professional wrestler.

The shocking footage of Einar Cruz, also known as 'Einar El Vikingo,' reacting furiously when approached by a child during an outdoor event in Mexico City stunned wrestling fans.

Mateo approached the grappler following a tag team match and reached for the wrestler's neck moments after he lost.

The wrestler objected to the child's neck grab. The youngster was flung across the street.
The wrestler objected to the child's neck grab. The youngster was flung across the street.

Cruz rose to his feet and attacked him, a move that was clearly not in the script and was a far cry from the WWE's fan-friendly style.

According to Telediario, the youngster stated that he desired to choke Einar El Vikingo because he was a member of the villain team.

The clip demonstrates how several bystanders rushed to Mateo's aid and angrily chastised El Vikingo for his vicious reaction.

Cops arrived on the scene as he was being arrested, and other officers were forced to intervene and prevent audience members from attacking him.

Adult bystanders who were enraged challenged the wrestler.
Adult bystanders who were enraged challenged the wrestler.

On Sunday, El Vikingo was released from custody

That was after Mateo's mother appeared before the prosecutor's office in Mexico City and was pardoned.

“This is not a crime that warrants deprivation of liberty; injuries that take 15 days to heal are not punishable,” Mexico City Attorney-General Ernestina Godoy stated.

However, here we are attempting to have him punished for being a child, but we were forced to release him at the time.”

El Vikingo has been suspended indefinitely by the Mexico City Wrestling Commission.

Numerous fellow wrestlers have since expressed their support for Mateo, with some even paying the youngster a visit at his home.

Marcella, a female wrestler, tweeted a photo of herself and the boy, writing, "Today I paid a visit to Mateo, the boy who was attacked and threatened by the fictitious fighter 'Einar El Vikingo.'

This action has outraged the wrestling community. We cannot tolerate violence. Hopefully, the authorities will immediately begin working.”


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