Eddie Obeid jail returned to prison latest news house, what did he do

Obeid, the former Labor minister, has been returned to prison.

Eddie Obeid, a former NSW Labor minister, has been returned to prison following the rejection of a COVID-inspired bail application in advance of an expected appeal against his conviction.

The 77-year-old was sentenced to at least three years and ten months in prison on Thursday in connection with a manipulated tender for a huge coal exploration license that resulted in a $30 million bonanza for his family's corporate empire.

However, rather than being processed at the Surry Hills police station, Obeid was allowed to return home due to concerns he would contract COVID-19.

Eddie Obeid jail returned to prison latest news house, what did he do
Eddie Obeid, a former NSW Labor minister who turns 78 on Monday, has been sent to prison.

On Friday, a quick bail application was considered, but Justice Elizabeth Fullerton was not convinced that Obeid's extended freedom was justified by extraordinary or exceptional circumstances.

He was directed to go to Silverwater jail at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

This prevented Obeid - who turns 78 on Monday - from passing through Surry Hills police station, where Justice Fullerton expressed concern about the station's anti-coronavirus systems.

Premier Dominic Perrottet is incensed by Obeid's activities and believes that the $30 million should be returned to the government.

"He should be imprisoned. It's encouraging to see, "'He stated.

"It should convey a signal to everyone else that you do not act corruptly when you are in public life."

The Crime Commission declared that it will resume its inquiry into the confiscation of the Obeid family's proceeds of crime.

"While there is a jail sentence, this was $30 million stolen from NSW taxpayers, and we want it back," Mr Perrottet said.

The judge previously cautioned Obeid's attorney that if he was unsuccessful in obtaining bail, the implications "would obviously preclude filing a subsequent application."

Ian Macdonald, 72, Obeid's former ministerial colleague, was also sentenced to at least five years and three months in prison on Thursday, as was his son Moses Obeid.

Both Obeid's 52-year-old son and Macdonald were arrested. The court was informed that they intended to appeal as well and would seek bail.

According to Corrective Services NSW, around 83 percent of current NSW jail inmates had got their first COVID-19 immunization, while 65.6 percent were fully vaccinated.

In July, the judge convicted all three of conspiring for Macdonald to commit ministerial misconduct between 2007 and 2009.

The former minister of natural resources was judged to have violated his obligations by disclosing sensitive information to the Obeids on a coal exploration permit.

In sentencing the trio, Justice Fullerton determined that the conspiracy's objective gravity was "of the highest kind."

She stated that Obeid and his son were aware of Macdonald's conduct in establishing and giving the licence over the family's Mount Penny property in the Bylong Valley near Mudgee for the family's financial gain.

There is no evidence that Macdonald benefited financially or otherwise from his commitment to willfully violate his ministerial duties and obligations.