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Disruption and Chaos: How the L.A. Hotel Strike is Affecting Local Businesses


The Impact of the Strike on the Community 

The strike's impact on the community is profound, with repercussions felt by local businesses, hotel guests, and the city's reputation as a convention destination. Keith Grossman, who represents a coalition of 44 hotels in talks with the Unite Here Local 11 union, expressed deep concern over the call for a convention boycott. "It defies logic that the union would ignore our offer to negotiate but would instead focus on pursuing its political goals directly hurting our employees’ current and future earnings and our local communities by trying to drive business away," Grossman stated. 

Despite the established negotiations, the last session held on July 18 ended inconclusively, with the union refusing to engage. However, for remains hopeful a the hotel coalition resolution, calling on Unite Here Local 11 to return to the bargaining table after Labor Day. 

Proposed Wage Increases and Union Demands 

The hotel group's proposal, which has been rejected by the union, offered an initial hourly pay raise of $2, effective upon ratification of a new contract. Additionally, several subsequent raises were included, amounting to a total rise of $5.50 per hour by January 2027. 

In contrast, striking hotel workers continue their demands for a more substantial increase. They're asking for a $5 immediate hourly wage increase, followed by a $3 annual boost for the duration of the three-year contract, culminating in a total raise of $11. 

The Voices of those Affected 

Occidental College professor Peter Dreier, an active supporter of the striking workers, criticized the American Political Science Association leadership for disregarding the concerns of many of its members. The refusal to cancel or move its conference has led to numerous academics canceling their plans to attend, leading to what Dreier predicts will be a low turnout. 

Meanwhile, hotel guests find themselves caught in the crossfire of this dispute. Amidst accusations of dirty rooms and nonstop noise, those staying in the affected hotels are likely to be significantly inconvenienced, creating an environment far from the comfort and relaxation typically associated with hotel stays. 

Possible Outcomes and Resolution 

With the Labor Day negotiations on the horizon, both sides of the dispute have a chance to reach a resolution. However, the significant gap between the union's demands and the hotel group's offer indicates that reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement may not be straightforward. 

The future of the Los Angeles hospitality industry hangs in the balance, as the outcome of these negotiations will undoubtedly set a precedent for future labor disputes. The hope is that a resolution will not only meet the needs of the striking hotel workers but also ensure the continued success of the city's hotel industry.


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