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Did Ice Cube Endorse Trump, what is cwba black america meaning

The teaser video for "Arrest the President," the thumping 2018 rap anthem by Ice Cube, makes no secret about its target. It leads with footage of President Trump's border wall, his friendly meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Charlottesville 's 2017 white nationalist rally.

The former N.W.A member raps, adding that Trump "is Russian intelligence. ... Knew the fresh white was orange? Ice Cube clarifies the position of Trump Admin to build 'Platinum Strategy'

Ice Cube poses during the French premiere of “Straight Outta Compton” in Paris in 2015
Ice Cube poses during the French premiere of “Straight Outta Compton” in Paris in 2015

"Facts: I set out [Black America contract].

Both sides approached me. Dems said after the election we'll fix the CWBA. Trump's campaign changed their strategy, "says rapper. Ice Cube explained its role in helping shape Trump's proposed "Platinum Initiative" for the black community after a White House adviser praised the rapper for "his ability to step up and collaborate with" President Trump.

"Leaders will lead, haters hate.

Thanks for leading! , "Trump senior advisor Katrina Pierson tweeted at Ice Cube Tuesday; the hours after Pierson 's post, Ice Cube was mocked on social media for moving from N.W.A to MAGA. According to the rapper's rep, in recent weeks, Ice Cube volunteered to consult with both Trump and Biden campaigns to explore a "agenda for black Americans" and support his Deal with Black America (CWBA), which "strikes at the core of oppression and offers a blueprint for pursuing racial economic justice."

"America's challenges are too large and broad to change one field or another," the contract said.

"Long-lasting strategies include a systematic, detailed 'rethink' of America such that each new strategy in each region encourages others' progress. This Black America contract will include conceptual alternatives in many ways. "The contract went on to outline 13 separate areas of change, including mortgage loans, jail reform, police reform, and the removal of all confederate statues. Ice Cube also posted a video on Twitter on August 22nd, asking both sides, "What's there for us?

"What's there about the black group, except the same old stuff we got from these parties," Ice Cube asked. "I haven't seen anybody discuss a Black America deal, and I don't know why, because it's one of the most detailed policy papers that's been published in a long time that can help solve the issue." After being approached by both sides, the Democrats said they would approach the CWBA after Election Day, while the president's administration entered Ice Cube and incorporated some of the CWBA into the "Platinum Initiative" of the White House, with Pierson thanking the rapper for his assistance.

Trump's "Platinum Initiative" aims to "increase financial access in black neighborhoods by almost $500 billion" by generating 500,000 black-owned companies and 3 million new opportunities for the black community, as well as "access to quality education and training." The Platinum Initiative also promises to improve Trump's immigration and security policy to protect opportunities and neighborhoods.

After the controversy, Ice Cube explained in a follow-up tweet, "Facts: I put out the CWBA.

Both sides approached me. Dems said after the election we'll fix the CWBA. Trump campaign made some changes after consulting to us about the CWBA.

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