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4 Killed in Nevada shooting, gunman and 12-year-old child, police report

HENDERSON, Nev. — Police who reacted to Tuesday's triple shooting in Nevada found themselves in a tense standoff with the gunman who was killed after putting his gun to a 12-year-old boy's head.


Officers shot Jason Neo Bourne, 38, according to Henderson police officers.

"Officers took the juvenile out of the car and quickly started life-saving efforts, but he and the perpetrator succeeded in his scene injury," police officers said in a statement.

Two sisters, aged 39 and 33, were both found dead. An wounded 16-year-old girl. All was shot, officials said.

Investigators did not officially name the victims on Wednesday night, but officials at Saint John the Baptist Middle School in Draper, Utah, named two of the victims as Sandy's substitute teacher Diana Hawatmeh and her son, Joseph "Jojo" Hawatmeh, who was a seventh grader at school.

Diana Hawatmeh
Diana Hawatmeh

Hawatmeh 's daughter, Yasmeen Hawatmeh, is the girl injured in shooting, Facebook post of the school said. Her husband and eldest son of the pair were not home at the shooting.

"Hawatmehs, a deeply active Skaggs Catholic Center tribe, are members of Saint John the Baptist Parish. Diana was an instructor in our primary and middle school, teaching Zumba dance to our faculty members, "the statement said. "May their souls and all the faithful's souls leave in peace by God's Grace."

The second woman killed in shooting wasn't identified. The killings made world headlines because the Hawatmehs are Jordanian.

Police firefighters, officers, and fire medics were called at 11 a.m. Tuesday at Douglas at Stonelake Apartments after a resident confirmed hearing gunshots and seeing someone lying in a nearby apartment doorway. They find the women dead and Yasmeen Hawatmeh wounded.

They found Bourne in a nearby car, holding Joseph Hawatmeh hostage.

As police sought to de-escalate the incident, Bourne held the boy's head with a handgun, officials said.

"The suspect's preliminary analysis found several rounds inside the car," the police statement added.

A neighbor captured Bourne's mobile phone video shootout inside an apartment.

The shooting officers are on paid unpaid leave awaiting investigation results. Authorities said the early report indicates that Bourne stayed in the apartment above the victim's house.

The Hawatmeh Family
The Hawatmeh Family

No reason was made clear.

The Skaggs Catholic Center group organized a Wednesday night vigil for the Hawatmeh family, saying a rosary together. The case was streamed on the YouTube channel of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church for those who refused to participate.

Galey Colosimo, head of Juan Diego Catholic High School, where Yasmeen Hawatmeh is a sophomore, told Deseret News he was shocked to hear the tragedy.

"I had to read a few times," Colosimo said. "It was a blow in the stomach. It was catastrophic.

Colosimo and others who knew Diana Hawatmeh identified her as deep-faith, family-oriented lady.

"There was her aura and she had a huge, beautiful grin," Felicia Frakes, a middle school clerk, told the newspaper. "She was so warm and gifted, the kindest soul.

"She would volunteer in our classrooms. She was such a big member of our culture. She gave something anytime we wanted it. She would lead service projects. She was incredible."

Jojo Hawatmeh was an outgoing kid who liked theatre, Frakes said. Yasmeen sings in church choir, played high school volleyball.

The teen is also seen in social media photos engaging with her mother in Zumba lessons. A fitness buff, Diana Hawatmeh was Nafas Activewear 's founder.

Friends mourned Facebook's slain mother.

"Dance in heaven, Diana Hawatmeh," wrote Marta Lopez Iniguez. "I miss you. Give love and happiness to your lovely family."

Teddy Sims wrote that Hawatmeh always brightened his day. She knew how to get her students excited for their exercise, he said.

"She was a friend who always gave me a hug when she knew I wanted it," Sims wrote. "She left this life too early.