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Devarius Dontez Moore aka Trapboy Freddy, wshh tiger age net worth Instagram

Trapboy Freddy
US Marshals arrest rapper Trapboy Freddy on gun charges, but they save a tiger cub in the process.

When the police came to serve an arrest warrant, they found something surprising.

A tiger was found at a home in Dallas's Redbird neighborhood on Wednesday, when police were serving an arrest warrant for "Trapboy Freddy," a local rap artist. Prosecutors confirmed this on Thursday.

The Dallas Morning News, a partner of NBC 5, said that officers were sent to the 2700 block of Meadow Gate Lane around 2 p.m. to help US Marshals serve the 30-year-old, whose legal name is Devarius Dontez Moore, with a federal arrest warrant.

Erin Dooley, a spokeswoman for the US attorney's office for the Northern District of Texas, confirmed that Moore was arrested at his home on Wednesday morning for one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Dooley said that he is going to go in front of a federal judge on Friday morning.

Trapboy Freddy
Trapboy Freddy

There was no more information about the arrest right away. It's not clear yet if Moore was still in jail on Thursday or if he had an attorney.

In a statement to NBC 5, Dallas Animal Services said, "We went to the address and got the tiger, which is now in protective custody at a place we can't say." No other information was given.

No one knows how old the tiger is, and officials haven't shown a picture of the cat yet. Also, it's not clear right now when or where it will be moved.

People talked a lot about the tiger on social media, and some said it had gotten out of the Dallas Zoo. On Wednesday afternoon, the zoo tweeted, "We want to reassure everyone that all of our tigers are safe and accounted for here at the Zoo." This was done to ease worries.

A neighbor who talked to Telemundo 39 on Wednesday night said she didn't know much about animals but would have loved to see a tiger in the neighborhood.

"Just looking out the window and asking, 'Is that a tiger?' is enough." "Yeah, I would have devoured that," she said.

Some states don't let private people own big cats, but Texas lets local governments decide if they want to ban such exotic animals. In Dallas County, it is against the law to keep a tiger as a pet.


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