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Destiel canon confirmed, Supernatural after agonising episode 18

Destiel cannon, yes or no? Supernatural leaves viewers unbelieved after 15 episode dramatic season.

Alright, who had Destiel (sort of) canon on their 2020 apocalypse bingo card?

After a short pandemic delay, Supernatural's final episodes returned in October. Last night (Nov 5), the third of the series' last episode aired on The CW and viewers worldwide had some really serious mixed emotions about what the hell just happened.

A big character death and a Castiel confession sparked a massive online backlash, with the show continuing to trend on Twitter despite all the election coverage. And if you're curious what Putin's all about this, let us explain.

Supernatural's Destiel bombshell seemed falling as Putin allegedly resigned. Now the memes combined. If you don't know what's going on, here's all you need to know.


Is Destiel Supernatural Canon? Fans left after agonizing episode 18

Supernatural viewers have long-shipped Dean and Castiel, but in the dramatic episode 18 does Destiel become canon?

TV-world shipping couples can be a risky game.

There's no assurance that a couple's fans' desires will ever happen.

For Supernatural enthusiasts, the characters of Dean Winchester and Castiel, called Destiel, obtained a long-running ship.

For many seasons, the will-they-won-they partnership has become a hot topic among viewers, and in season 15, episode 18, Supernatural fans get the clearest sign that Destiel is canon.

Supernatural's current season episode 18, named Desperation, was probably the season's most intense and heart-wrenching.

The episode opens with Billie's Hollow Courtesy Jack as she attempts to get Chuck 's death book from Sam and Dean.

Jack is rescued from the Empty for the death log, but Dean fatally wounds her with her scythe before Billie can make her escape.

The episode takes a drastic turn as people from Apocalypse World tend to disappear and the team start to work to defend themselves.


Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel hunt Billie.

Dean and Castiel walk straight into a trap, however, and the fatally injured Billie enjoys vengeance.

Castiel learns Dean can only save by summoning the Shadow.

In one of Supernatural's long-awaited scenes, Castiel eventually reveals his love for Dean, enjoying a moment of genuine happiness.

This moment of pleasure summons the Shadow who consumes Billie and Castiel into the Empty, obviously killing them.

The last human on Earth vanishes in one last twist before the episode ends, leaving only Dean, Sam and Jack to take Chuck.

Dean, Castiel

Dean and Castiel first crossed paths back in season 4 when Castiel rescued the older Winchester brother from hell, leaving a handprint on Dean 's shoulder.

Castiel has since emerged in Supernatural, establishing a close relationship with Dean.

The two are seen to be good friends, but their friendship has always had a feeling of a little more.

Supernatural enthusiasts have shipped Dean and Castiel for years, with the two receiving ship name Destiel.


Is Destiel Canon?

This is one for Supernatural showrunners to determine as it's a tricky response from our point of view.

Though yeah, Castiel professes his love for Dean in Desperation, he's tragically killed before one of the two can act on the news or Dean claims he's reciprocating those feelings.

For a fleeting second, before the Shadow took Castiel, you might contend that Destiel was still canon, but it's a very short-lived moment.

Unless Dean and Sam will pull off a surprise in the last two episodes and rescue Castiel – after all, Jack was spared from the Empty – it seems like Destiel 's done before it ever got going.

Supernatural starts weekly with the twentieth and final episode coming on November 19, 2020.

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