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Deshaun Watson settlement Ashley Solis and kyla hayes Instagram

Deshaun Watson settlement Ashley Solis and kyla hayes Instagram
Deshaun Watson practiced with the Cleveland Browns last week.

Deshaun Watson Settles Twenty of His Twenty-Four Sexual Misconduct Cases.

The attorney for Watson's accusers announced the settlements but did not provide further information.

The quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson, has struck settlements with 20 of the 24 women who have brought sexual assault claims against him, according to attorney Tony Buzbee. Buzbee, who represents Watson's accusers, stated in a statement that the nature and amounts of the settlements were confidential and that the cases will be dismissed once the agreements were finalized.

In March 2021, Watson was accused publicly for the first time of sexual assault during a massage visit, resulting in an explosion of lawsuits brought by more women. Buzbee stated that initial plaintiff Ashley Solis was one of four women who had not settled.

During his time with the Houston Texans, Watson was accused of scheduling massage appointments. After a grand jury in Harris County, Texas failed to indict him on criminal charges, he was traded to Cleveland in March. The Browns awarded Watson an unprecedented, fully guaranteed five-year contract for $220 million.

From left to right On "Real Sports," Soledad O'Brien and Ashley Solis appear.
From left to right On "Real Sports," Soledad O'Brien and Ashley Solis appear.

In recent weeks, however, two new women have filed lawsuits against Watson, adding to the strain he has been under. Buzbee also stated that he intended to add the Texans as defendants after a New York Times investigation revealed that the team provided Watson with a nondisclosure agreement and the venue for some of the appointments. Buzbee had not joined the Texans to the claims as of Tuesday, and it was unclear whether the team was a party to the settlements. The Texans did not respond to a request for comment immediately.

The payments come as the NFL considers disciplinary action against Watson for violating its personal conduct code. Last month, League investigators interrogated Watson for four days, which is often one of the final procedures. Brian McCarthy, spokesman for the National Football League, stated that the settlements had "no effect on the collectively bargained disciplinary procedure."

Buzbee described Ashley Solis as "one of the story's heroes." Solis claims in her lawsuit that Watson intentionally touched her with his exposed and erect penis during a massage appointment in March 2020. Watson stated in a deposition that Solis grew "tearful," and after he left, he sent her a text message apologizing for her discomfort. Solis contacted industry colleagues and attorneys for guidance on how to respond to the incident, and in December 2020, she was linked with Buzbee's law company.

Buzbee stated in his statement, "Without Ashley Solis, the behavior experienced by these ladies would certainly have remained unchecked." He said that he was eager to hear the cases of Solis and the three other unresolved women "in due order."


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