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Defying Hate: Lone Hero Takes on 20 Neo-Nazis at No Voice to Parliament Rally


A single individual confronted a group of 20 neo-Nazis during a gathering at a No Voice to Parliament rally, resulting in a tense standoff that was eventually diffused by the police.

Tensions flared at the No Voice to Parliament rally as an unidentified man bravely faced off with a group of neo-Nazis, just days after a violent clash between neo-Nazis and anti-fascists in the Melbourne suburb of Thornbury. The neo-Nazis, associated with the far-right National Socialist Network, including their leader Thomas Sewell, assembled on the steps of Parliament House in support of the No campaign against the Voice to Parliament, brandishing a sign that read: "Voice = Anti White."

Wearing black masks to conceal their identities, the group faced jeers from the public and even experienced pepper spray from the police during the event. However, despite being outnumbered, one man fearlessly confronted the neo-Nazis. He challenged them by shouting, "One word triggers you boys, Jewish," highlighting their prejudice based on his ethnicity. He emphasized that he was neither Jewish nor Islamic but Turkish, expressing his confusion over their judgments.

The man questioned their stance, asking, "What happens if you get rid of all the migrants? This country is built on migrants," and he referred to the neo-Nazis as "minorities" and ridiculed them as a "joke." He critiqued their ideas, calling their leader, Sewell, a "weak, weak man," and dismissed their actions, saying, "Snatching flags off people who are just trying to express themselves. Find an actual reason for hating on me." He asserted that he was present to encourage others to stand up against hatred.

During the confrontation, a man with army medals intervened, instructing the neo-Nazis to remove their masks, which led to police intervention and the group being dispersed.

On social media, many praised the courageous individual, describing him as a "legend" who completely dominated the conversation. Some admired his class and commended his actions.

This incident followed a recent clash between neo-Nazis and Antifa in Thornbury, as well as various rallies across Australia, including one in Sydney featuring former United Australian Party member Craig Kelly as the headline speaker. These events were part of the final efforts by the No campaign, leading up to the historic referendum deciding whether to establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament.


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