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David Leesley and Nathan Maynard-Ellis sentenced to life in prison

Fanatical Horror Film jailed for the murder of Julia Rawson

A man who killed and dismembered a woman in his apartment is held for life and will remain in prison for at least 30 years.

After meeting her in a pub in Dudley, West Midlands, in Mai 2019, Nathan Maynard-Ellis (30) took Julia Rawson home.

They murdered her and hid her body parts along with his 25-year-old boyfriend David Leesley.

Leesley has since been convicted and will serve for at least 19 years in jail.

The prosecutor Karim Khalil QC, 42, told Coventry Crown Court that "could not have known that she was about to enter a flat of horrors"

He said "many bladed articles were found in the small estate, including swords on the wall, with "many blades, saws, axes and many other bladed objects."

Nathan Maynard-Ellis, 25, killed Julia Rawson at a 'flat of horrors' he shared with boyfriend David Leesley, 25, in Tipton, West Midlands. Pictured: Leesley (left) and Maynard-Ellis (right) in a court sketch

'Hard cover-up'

For a series of sexual crimes against another lady Maynard-Ellis was also imprisoned.

Julia 'made so much more beautifully normal'

Mr. Justice Soole, who passed his sentence, said that he was adamant that both men assaulted Ms. Rawson with arms on her head, and then undertook to cover up her "cool, calm and thorough"

He spoke to the two, saying: "You have tried to cover up what you did, and you have repeated the police lies.

"Only you two knew what happened in the flat, but neither of you has told the truth."

On 12 May 2019, Julia Rawson was last seen alive

During the proceedings, Maynard-Ellis was told that she was obsessed by horror movies and fantasized by "sexualised killing of women"

Both men agreed that they perverted the path of justice and hid a body, but refused to kill.

Mr. Justice Soole has reported that Ms. Rawson's father, sister and partner's personal stateings "tell of the terrible and lasting devastation"

The judge addressed the family, saying that: "No words of the court can touch your terrible loss you have suffered."

In the "superb work" cases, he also commended the police for their "demanding"

The judges, who had agreed to kill Mrs. Ravenson before even her flat was in a taxi, said Maynard-Ellis had played a lead role in the murder.

"I am sure that you were in thrall to Maynard-Ellis and would do, and that night did, his bidding." said the judge Leesley. Leesley.

In the video showing him speaking to Mrs Rawson in a pub in front of her in Tipton, Maynard-Ellis has been identified.

Following the killing, Maynard-Ellis went to a bar for hours and saw him laughing and telephone calls.

After he was arrested, police found a bloodstain in the living room of the couple's apartment under a new foundation.

Maynard-Ellis, who was diagnosed with depression and asperger's syndrome, declined to reintroduce elements of "in real life" movies as evidence in the courtroom.

He told jurors to "looked at films to make costumes and masks and things - but not to act them out"

The inside story of how we caught the killers of Julia Rawson
Take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how we cracked the Julia Rawson murder investigation and got ‘Justice for Julia’.

The video − produced by the force - includes a candid interview from senior investigating officer, Detective Inspector Jim Colclough and the police search advisor responsible for leading the searches for Julia’s body.

Julia Rawson was reported missing to us on 14 May last year, it was later discovered that she’d been killed, dismembered and her remains were scattered on waste ground in Tipton.

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