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David Foster and Katharine Mcphee pregnant first husband hot bikini Instagram

Katharine's pregnant! Actress waiting with husband David Foster
The pair knotted on June 28 , 2019
Katharine's a mommy-to-be!

The 36-year-old Smash actress and husband David Foster expect their first child together.

McPhee and Foster were spotted in Montecito, California on Tuesday, having lunch together and shopping for baby buys.

The mother-to-be dressed in gray leggings, a black shirt, and a baseball cap while holding her dog in a bag.

McPhee and Foster, 70, tied the knot on season 5 of American Idol in June 2019 after their first meeting in 2006.

David Foster and Katharine Mcphee pregnant

Foster is already father to daughters Sara, 39, Erin, 38, and Jordan, 34, whom he shared with Rebecca Dyer, second wife, and daughters Allison, 50, and Amy, 46, from previous relations.

Erin previously told PEOPLE that McPhee was a positive addition to their lives — and they often jokingly call her "Mommy!"

"Interestingly, age gap played a positive role," said Erin. "Our dad comes from a generation where women are more passive. He's still passive about his feelings. Kat really encouraged him to open up. We might get into a fight, and then Kat's like, 'No, you've got to pick up the phone, call back your daughter.' She's a facilitator that's really important, encouraging him to be more emotional and vulnerable."

Foster added that he credits his wife to come "into this" five-adult daughter family. "I think she's just navigating," he said. "And they do so. Because they may be terrible. It makes it easier for me to get along. It's not a temporary thing either. It's been a few years."

The pair married at Saint Yeghiche Church in South Kensington on June 28 , 2019, in front of family and friends in London. About 150 guests attended, including all Foster's kids.

The couple initially intended to return to London to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary, but that trip was cancelled due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"I wanted to go back to england because that's where we got married, but I don't think that's going to happen," McPhee told Friends in May. "We should visit and rejoice with friends and family who're in a safe zone where everyone's quarantined."

David Foster and Katharine Mcphee pregnant

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