Cuomo emmy revoked stripped loses rescind, commuted sentence

It's ironic that Andrew Cuomo loses his Emmy on the same day he's

Ms. Cuomo's award from the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences was canceled because of sexual harassment complaints against him.

Last year, former governor of New York Andrew M. Cuomo won an Emmy Award for his coronavirus briefings.

Announcing Mr. Cuomo's resignation, the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences made its announcement on Tuesday, a day and a half after Gov. Kathy Hochul was sworn in to After a damning investigation by the state attorney general's office, which showed that Mr. Cuomo had sexually assaulted 11 people, including some of his subordinates, it's another blow for Mr. Cuomo, whose heritage

Cuomo emmy revoked stripped loses rescind, commuted sentence
Among others, Oprah Winfrey and Al Gore have earned the International Emmy Founders Award, which Andrew Cuomo got last year.

His daily briefings on the Covid-19 outbreak, which garnered millions of viewers and elevated his national stature, earned him the International Emmy Founders Award last year, making him a figure of comfort and strong leadership for many Americans.

Tuesday, the academy announced that it had withdrawn the award due to claims of sexual harassment and Mr. Cuomo's departure.

Because of Andrew Cuomo's departure as governor, the International Academy has revoked his special 2020 International Emmy Award, according to a statement from the institution. Any mention of him accepting the prize in the future will be removed.

An individual or group that "crosses cultural borders to touch our common humanity" receives the Founders Award, says the academy. Former Vice President Al Gore and Oprah Winfrey have received the prize in the past.

A virtual ceremony in November featured highlights from Mr. Cuomo's briefings as well as expressions of gratitude from New York giants including Spike Lee, Robert De Niro, Rosie Perez, and Billy Crystal, who were all in attendance.

“His 111 daily briefings worked so well because he skillfully built television episodes, with characters and plot lines and stories of both success and failure,” International Academy president and chief executive Bruce L. Paisner said in a press release announcing the award. As a result, "New York Tough" became a symbol of the city's resolve to fight back.

He resigned on Monday night after the Attorney General's report, criticism over claims of undercounted deaths in nursing homes, and a drive for impeachment.

No comment was given by a spokeswoman for Mr. Cuomo when he was contacted for

Cynde Nixon reacted to this news in a tweet. She had challenged Mr. Cuomo in the Democratic primary race for governor in 2018.

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