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Crypt Swap Coinbase Files for Coming Public Coinbase IPO: 11 Things to remember

On Thursday, Bitcoin hit a whole new high all-time. Coinbase now comes publicly crypto exchange.

What a day for fans of cryptocurrencies! Coinbase just applied for a public initial offer confidentially — after a range of unprecedented peaks from Bitcoin (CCC:BTC). So what do investors know about an IPO in Coinbase? And why does it matter to this news?

To start with those unaware that Coinbase is the leading trade in cryptocurrencies should understand. As one writer notes, the company as a whole has begun as an easy way to buy bitcoin from customers. It has gained significance since its foundation in 2012, following the wider cryptographic trajectory.

In this respect, 11 things about the IPO Coinbase are here to know:
  1. Investors are not the first to learn about a potentially Coinbase IPO. It's been shaking the C-Suite in recent months and making strategic acquisitions.
  2. The Coinbase IPO's official announcement today was made in a blog post.
  3. Coinbase just announced that it had filed an S-1 form with the United States confidentially. Commission on Shares and Bourses.
  4. Coinbase did not explain the direction it would take for the public to arrive.
  5. A conventional IPO is not likely to be embraced by many crypto enthusiasts and fans of a Coinbase IPO.
  6. This has created rumors that Coinbase is going to select a direct listing, which follows Spotify (NYSE:SPOT) and others.
  7. Co-Founder Fred Ehrsam also however, indicated that the Coinbase IPO could take place by offering blockchain digital tokens.
  8. It is not clear, as Jeff John Roberts wrote for Fortune, whether the SEC will do so.
  9. Investors wanted to share more details, especially because Bitcoin is particularly hot.
  10. The crypto reached another all-time high over $23,500 earlier today.
  11. Particularly through the use of trade commissions, Coinbase makes most of its revenue.

Why the IPO Coinbase Is Correct


Investors probably enjoy, or at least should the timing of the news from the Coinbase IPO.

In the last few months, and in particular over the past few weeks, the cryptocurrency field has been flooded with institutional support. Significant banks and businesses in Wall Street have positively weighed in. The target price of Citibank on bitcoin is $318,000. One was $400,000 set by Guggenheim. The NYSE:SQ (PayPal) and the Square (NASDAQ:PYPL) team are better at incorporating bitcoin into their payment platforms. The planet is being transformed to bullish by leading investors and billionaires like Paul Jones.

And we saw Bitcoin continue to rocket higher and set a series of record highs since the end of November. The Coinbase IPO is then another landmark in the credibility of the space for crypto bulls. It would also be a fascinating way for an organization to be able to access it all.

And what else do investors know? It will take some time for investors to learn more about the facts because of the confidential filing. However, we know that Coinbase left a value of about $8 billion in the last round of funding. That alone means that you should have the Coinbase IPO on your radar.

Coinbase has submitted a draft registration statement for a S-1 with the SEC to go public

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