Clifford Owensby paraplegic man video record, dragged from car dayton ohio police

A Police Officer Drags a Man From His Car Using His Hair. He Protests, 'I Am Paraplegic.'

The incident with Clifford Owensby, who has filed a complaint with the N.A.A.C.P., was captured on body camera footage provided by police in Dayton, Ohio.

A Black man who was dragged from his car by police officers while crying "I'm paraplegic" filed a complaint with the N.A.A.C.P., the group said, while police in Dayton, Ohio, claimed they were investigating the stop.

Clifford Owensby, 39, was dragged out of the car on Sept. 30 after an officer repeatedly told him to step out, according to body camera footage released by the police on Friday. According to the tape, Mr. Owensby informed the cops that he was unable to exit the vehicle due to his paraplegia.

Clifford Owensby paraplegic man video record, dragged from car dayton ohio police
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Mr. Owensby's lawyer, James Willis, stated that he intended to sue.

The Dayton Police Department did not immediately reply to requests for comment on Monday afternoon, but in a 16-minute video posted by the department, which includes body camera footage and police statements, they stated that an inquiry had been launched. The Police Department has not made the officers' identities public.

The film opens with an anonymous officer explaining the circumstances surrounding the stop.

Officers were notified to "a suspected drug house" in the vicinity, and a white Audi was seen departing the residence, according to the police. Mr. Owensby was reportedly in the vehicle, according to the police.

According to the police, they obtained Mr. Owensby's identity, ran his information, and discovered he had a "felony drug and firearm background."

The policemen requested the assistance of a police dog trained to detect narcotics. The police stated that it was department protocol to compel people to exit a car during a drug inspection.

Mr. Owensby informed the cops that he was unable to escape due to his paraplegia. Mr. Willis stated that his 3-year-old kid was in the back seat of the car during the stop.

Mr. Owensby's car is approached by an officer who says, "I'm going to assist you in exiting."

"I don't believe that will happen, sir," Mr. Owensby responds.

According to the film, he continues to state that he is unable to exit the vehicle due to his paraplegia, and the officer reiterates that he will assist.

"I'm going to sue you if you lay your hands on me for no reason," Mr. Owensby threatens.

"Well," the officer responds, "the reason I'm asking you to exit the vehicle."

Mr. Owensby dials a number and requests a police supervisor, as evidenced by video.

"You may cooperate and exit the vehicle, or I will drag you out," an officer then threatens.

The police then grabs Mr. Owensby's wrist, who claims the officer is injuring him. Mr. Owensby is then grabbed by the wrist by a second officer while he remains in the car, insisting that he is paraplegic.

Mr. Owensby "grabbed onto the steering wheel in an attempt to prevent the officers from removing him from the car," the police stated in a statement accompanying the footage.

Mr. Owensby says on the tape, using an expletive, "You're hurting me."

Mr. Owensby is then seen being dragged out of the automobile by an officer.

There is outrage after police released body camera footage showing a paralyzed man pulled from his car during a traffic stop. Police say Clifford Owensby’s car was last seen leaving a suspected “drug house.”

Around 20 seconds later, another cop snatches Mr. Owensby's hair, tosses him onto his stomach, and handcuffs him. Mr. Owensby is dragged to their police cruiser by the officers.

The police said that during their investigation, they discovered a bag of cash totaling $22,450 in Mr. Owensby's automobile. According to police, the police dog informed officers that the money had been "in close proximity to illegal drugs."

Mr. Owensby was taken to a hospital, authorities said, where he was checked and eventually released.

According to Mr. Willis, Mr. Owensby was charged with two misdemeanors: having tinted windows and failing to secure his youngster in a car seat. Mr. Willis stated that Mr. Owensby was not charged with any drug-related offenses.

Mr. Willis stated that he was not interested in discussing Mr. Owensby's paralysis. He said that possessing thousands of dollars in cash was not a crime.