Cinar Cobanoglu shot killed his parent, Blue Whale online suicide challenge

As part of the online suicide game Blue Whale, Boy, 14, kills own parents in their sleep
A 14-year-old boy shot both his parents dead after allegedly participating in a sick Blue Whale online suicide challenge before taking his own life.

The incident took place in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus town of Lefkoniko.

Local media, including the respected daily newspaper Sozcu, said the deaths of the family were connected with a shocking "suicide game" online.

Police confirmed that the bodies of Ibrahim Cobanoglu, 52, and his wife, Bengu Cobanoglu, 48, were found dead after being shot with a gun in their homes.

Before taking his own life after allegedly participating in a sick online suicide challenge, a 14-year-old boy shot both his parents dead.

Meanwhile, their youngest son, who is accused of carrying out the killings, was seriously wounded.

The neighbors were alerted when Eralp Cobanoglu, 18, the eldest son of the couple, ran to their house to hide because his brother had "gone berserk."

After being shot in their sleep, they ran over to the property and found the two parents dead in their beds, according to sources.

Their other son, Cinar Cobanoglu, aged 14, was in serious condition on the ground and an ambulance was called.

Although the teen was still alive on arrival, in spite of the best efforts of doctors, he later died at Burhan Nalbantoglu State Hospital.

Local media, including Sozcu, said the murder came after the youth took part in the "Blue Whale Challenge."

It is claimed to inspire young, vulnerable individuals to take part in challenges that are becoming increasingly challenging and risky and then culminate in the demand that the player commit suicide.

Turkish police, who have confirmed that they are investigating the incident that took place on 8 January, said it was too early to comment on the allegations widely published in Turkish media that the sick death game had affected them.

The bodies of Ibrahim Cobanoglu, 52, and wife Bengu, 48, were found by neighbours after they were killed as they slept in their home town of Lefkoniko. Their youngest son - Cınar Cobanoglu - was found lying seriously injured nearby but died after being rushed to Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital by paramedics.