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Chad Neylon Sydney dragway incident, Jim Read drag Racing accident

Chad Neylon Sydney dragway incident, Jim Read drag Racing accident
When the Jim Read Racing crew caught on fire, Chad Neylon was on the air live.
An explosion at Sydney Dragway sent a group of drag racers to the hospital.

A TV host was broadcasting live from the starting line when a dragster blew up. The moment was caught on camera.

After a dragster blew up in Sydney, a fireball engulfed the racing crew, but they were able to escape.

After the accident at the Sydney Dragway in Eastern Creek on Saturday, five people from the Jim Read Racing team had to go to the hospital.

During the fourth round of the Top Fuel Championships, the crew was getting Phil Read's rocket ready for a race.

The incident happened as TV host Chad Neylon was giving a live report from the starting line before the race against Peter Xiberras.

Jim Read Racing team injured from engine explosion at Sydney Nitro Drag Racing event 7 May 2022

"Woah!" said Neylon during the live broadcast after the explosion.

He and other crew members ran to help a member who was on the ground, leaving the audience in shock.

On the broadcast, people could be heard saying, "Get an ambulance...Ambo!"

The crew members who were hurt were treated for things like burns and shock, among other things. None of them fell asleep.

Jim Read Racing said that four of its crew members have been released from the hospital, but one still has a hand injury that needs "further treatment."

The team said that he should get better.

The dragster was taken out of the rest of the night's races.

The incident is being looked into by the International Hot Rod Association Australia.


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