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Can you be racist to your own race, Noname Blaxploitation Video Watch

Noname Challenges Politics & Inequality in Striking Blaxploitation

Noname launched her first music video for Tuesday's single Blaxploitation (Dec. 4).

Blaxploitation is a reflective track from Room 25's highly acclaimed debut album, released in September. In the metaphorical music video, a boy wanders innocently around a small-scale replica of a moonlit city. Newscasts reporting that the city of Chicago is "under attack" from the "demon baby"—and pictures of a family's terror at the child's presence in their window — show how Noname claims that the Chicago government has instilled unfounded distrust in its people by building a racial division. Like her fellow Chicago native Chance the Rapper, Noname uses her "Blaxploitation" music video to address Chicago's politics and the city's deep-rooted racism.


The usually private artist also made her late-night television debut on Oct. 17, at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where she performed three album songs. Noname will launch her North American headlining tour in Detroit on Jan. 2 and perform 37 shows around the country.

Watch the "Blaxploitation" video below:


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