Buford hudson douglasville Georgia tornado today, power outage map

At least two people have died in Georgia as a result of storms that have struck the South, including a beloved restaurant owner.

The beloved owner of a Georgia restaurant was on his way to work when severe weather hit the Atlanta area, toppling trees and power lines onto his car just minutes after the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for the area.

Scot Hudson, according to friends and relatives, never arrived Monday at Hudson's Hickory House in Douglasville, which has been open since 1971. Rick Martin, a Douglas County spokesperson, reported that the 60-year-old did not survive his commute to the famous food establishment, which is renowned for its southern-style BBQ plates.

“He was a gentle soul and a gentleman,” friend Carolyn Brock told WSB-TV. “I'm just always friendly. You could not have asked for a more ideal friend.”

Hudson's Hickory House announced on Facebook that it would be closed to customers to allow staff and community members time to grieve.

Buford hudson douglasville Georgia tornado today, power outage map

“We appreciate your understanding! Please remember the Hudson family in your prayers,” the letter states.

Carla Harris, who lived in Bonaire, a village southeast of Warner Robins, was also killed Monday by the weather, which included intense thunderstorms and wind gusts of up to 60 mph. The 55-year-old woman was fatally hit by a tree that crashed on and through her house, according to the Houston County Emergency Management Agency.

On Tuesday, a large portion of the southern United States remained at risk after tornadoes ripped through parts of the area Sunday night and through Monday, wreaking havoc in some parts of Mississippi and flipping trucks in Texas.

According to the National Storm Prediction Center, portions of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, as well as portions of Arkansas and Georgia, are at increased risk and would likely bear the brunt of the extreme weather. Over 11 million people live in that city, which includes major cities such as Nashville, Tennessee, Birmingham, Alabama, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Jackson, Mississippi.

Forecasters predicted that the incoming storms could carry wind gusts of up to 70 mph and hail the size of golf balls, adding that “tornadoes are probable Tuesday through Tuesday evening” across portions of Mississippi.

Tuesday morning, several warnings were also released for rural areas east of Nashville, Tenn.

A strong line of storms Monday morning brought tornado warnings to the heart of Atlanta and the metro area.