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Buffalo ny brandon wilson usps, Arrested for Stealing 800 Ballots

USPS Worker Arrested for 'Mail Theft' After 800 Posts and Ballots Discovered in His Trunk

As postal voting is currently a topic of much debate in the United States, many Republicans have raised questions about the security and trustworthiness of delivering ballots by mail.

A US Postal Service staffer from West Seneca, New York was reportedly arrested after finding about 800 pieces of undelivered political, first-class and standard mail on his trunk, The Buffalo News first revealed. Among the discarded mailings were three absentee ballots for Erie County, the study states.


The postman was named as Brandon Wilson, 27, who is with USPS since 2019.

He was reportedly caught at a border crossing with Canada after a wrong turn to the Peace Bridge on November 3, connecting Buffalo to Fort Erie, Ontario. When U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents stopped the man, they discovered a huge quantity of undelivered mail in his car.

Wilson supposedly lied that the mail belonged to him and his girlfriend, but when asked "couldn't account for additional names written on mail items," court documentation shows.

The mail had been stolen from the worker's delivery routes since September this year, according to the investigation, and placed in more than four occasions in his trunk. Wilson is alleged to have stealed checks and cash from Buffalonians' greeting cards.

When questioned, the postal worker argued he intended to return the mail but "forgot" it in his trunk.

"Wilson wanted to whitewash the volume of mail in his vehicle's trunk by putting a small amount of mail in USPS containers the morning before his shift started. In this fashion, Wilson last reintroduced mailings about three weeks before the interview date, "says a complaint from special agent Brendan M. Boone.

The man is now charged with stopping or damaging mail, a criminal crime. He may be fined $250,000 or up to five years in jail.

"This office is committed to maintaining the fairness of mails, but also the freedom of citizens to vote in free and equal elections. The fraudulent activity that this individual is believed to have engaged compromised all of those interests, "said US Counsel James P. Kennedy Jr. in a written statement, as provided by Fox News.

The news comes as continued controversy remains about the U.S. election outcome as some main swing states struggle to collect and count mail-in ballots, something that President Donald Trump has described as "massive fraud."

An unnamed USPS insider from a Michigan office, another political battlefield, also earlier reported that mail carriers at his branch were told by their boss to isolate all incoming ballots arriving later than Election Day, which will then be hand-stamped '3 November.'

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