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Bryan Kohberger motive for killing, sealed warrant nitrite type black glove

Unsealed Bryan Kohberger's warrant asked for blood or other bodily fluid.

A search warrant for criminal justice Ph.D. student Bryan Kohberger's apartment in Washington state was made public on Wednesday. It says that investigators expected to find blood, hair, and "stabbing weapons" related to the deaths of four college students in Moscow, Idaho, on November 13.

"If you find blood, other bodily fluids, human tissue, or skin cells, or items with blood, other bodily fluids, human tissue, or skin cells on them, seize them as evidence of the crimes listed above," the warrant said.

A judge signed the warrant one day before Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin were killed. Kohberger was arrested on December 30 and charged with their deaths. He was caught at his parents' house in eastern Pennsylvania.

At first, the warrant was kept secret because "the investigation was sensitive." But it was opened because the probable cause warrant in Latah County showed that most of the sensitive information in the search warrant was already known.

The warrant also said that "knives" or "other sharp tools" could be taken. Even though the Idaho warrant said that "a sheath was found," no murder weapon was found.

The Idaho Statesman says that as a result of the warrant, more than a dozen things were taken from the suspect's home, including a "reddish/brown" stained pillow and a mattress cover.

Investigators also hoped to find dark clothes on Kohberger that would link him to the murders. One of the two roommates of the people who were killed who is still alive told police that she saw "a figure in black clothing and a mask" in her home the morning of the murders. The authorities said that no such items were found.

Investigators hope that a computer tower that was taken from Kohberger's house will show more proof of the crimes he is accused of committing. He allegedly tried to get in touch with one of his victims several times on Instagram but never heard back.

After a preliminary hearing in June, where prosecutors will show evidence against him for burglary and four counts of first-degree murder, Kohberger is likely to enter a plea. They could also ask for the person to be put to death.


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