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Brittany Isfeld gimli native, manitoba wild turkey trend on facebook group

Turkeys out in the wild A town in Manitoba becomes popular on social media.

The town of Gimli, Manitoba, has a well-known bird that walks around.

The town on the west side of Lake Winnipeg is now home to a wild turkey.

Brittany Isfeld was born and raised in Gimli. She runs a Facebook group for locals and started the turkey trend.

Brittany Isfeld gimli native, manitoba wild turkey trend on facebook group
Gertie the turkey has been walking around Gimli, Manitoba.

She said, "This turkey has just made the whole town go crazy." "They are very interested in it."

Isfeld said she decided to make a post about naming the turkey, only to find out that it was already well known in the town.

"When I heard Gimli Gobbler, I thought it needed a better name, so I started a contest to find a better one," Isfeld said. "A lot of pictures and comments said it was called Gertie."

Isfeld says that Gertie walks around the downtown area of Gimli, stopping at different stores along the way.

No one knows where the turkey came from, but it was first seen on the edge of town before moving to the center.

The bird now has a Tik Tok and Instagram account with a lot of comments and photos.

Gertie, who is now well-known on the internet, has brought some happiness to the town during hard times.

Isfeld said, "She's just taken over all of our social media feeds and made our days better." "She's like a fresh breeze."

Some people in Gimli are looking for a long-term home for Gertie because they think the town center is not a good place for a turkey to live.


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