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Brisbane Broncos players Jordan Riki, Matt Lodge and Ben Te'o

Brisbane Broncos players are saving women's lives by arresting people.

A citizen's arrest on the Sunshine Coast was allegedly carried out by Brisbane Broncos players Matt Lodge, Ben Te'o and Jordan Riki after seeing a woman caught up in a domestic abuse situation.

Following a team dinner on Wednesday night, Lodge and Te'o were making their way back to the Twin Waters Resort when they encountered a woman who, according to the Courier Mail, believed her life was in danger.

The duo were confronted by a blocked car and hailed by a distressed-looking woman who was arguing with a man, it is understood.

"he is going to kill me"He'll kill me.

The duo told teammates through their team WhatsApp chat, with a group of players arriving at the women's building, including last year's captain Alex Glenn.

Riki, who last year played five Broncos games in his debut season, made the citizen arrest by tackling the man and detaining him before the police arrived.

During a Brisbane Broncos NRL training session, Ben Te'o chats with Matthew Lodge

"They did intervene in an incident in Maroochydore after witnessing an event on the side of the road,"

"They saw a woman in distress and intervened. Police were called and took action in regards to a domestic violence incident."

Former police officer and new Broncos CEO, Paul White, praised the behavior of his playing party.

They behaved instinctively, they had no chance,"They acted instinctively, they didn't have an opportunity to contemplate,"to contemplate.

Jordan Riki
Jordan Riki

They saw a woman in distress and went to help her. They rang the police and some of the other teammates had arrived by the time they arrived and restrained the man.

"Players have done what's right. Their primary concern was the safety of the woman, and the appropriate steps were taken by the police.

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