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Brian Austin green accident, removed mask giraffe costume The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer: Brian Austin Green removes Giraffe mask after Fox reveals the entire panel

Brian Austin Green was revealed to be under the Giraffe costume on Wednesday's The Masked Singer during Group A playoffs.

The star, 47, grinned at the show's panel as he removed his mask, saying, 'You guys were all so close, but so far.'

None of them had correctly guessed the Beverly Hills, 90210 star, who sang Kool and Get Down On It, the Gang's 1981 classic.

Robin Thicke, 43, was particularly surprised as the panelist and Brian were neighbours, best friends as teens, and even played in a band called Think Twice.

'I love you,' Robin said, applauding. 'I can't believe you! Oh, Goodness.'

The Giraffe's clues kit made many references to Brian 's continuing and very public breakup with actress Megan Fox, 34, now 30-year-old rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

'I survived and thrived in the animal world, seeing the big picture and remaining above the drama,' he said, as seen last year's The Masked Singer winner, the Fox (Wayne Brady).

'My entire planet recently collapsed,' Giraffe added. 'I kept it mostly hidden, but my life was changed in an eye's blink.'

The Masked Singer: Brian Austin Green removes Giraffe mask

A homage to Megan and her 2007 film Transformers.

Brian listed his 2014 stroke-like brain disorder.

'I had a terrifying episode that rattled my brain,' he recalled. 'I couldn't move or speak. Yet I'm a warrior, beating my unseen predator. Now I'm at life's crossroads. My herd's one thing that keeps me going.'

A drone brought out the clue of a big domino with two halves and four dots in a new display feature, referring to Brian and Megan's four sons.

Other visual hints included a robin, a reference to Robin himself; peaches nodding to 90210's iconic Peach Pit; a ferris wheel for Brian's 1996 rap album, 'One Stop Carnival,' and a driving golf cart representing his 2010 Celebrity Grand Prix victory.

Brian said the show was fun, adding, 'I loved messing with Ken. We've never met before, so you're talking too much.'

The panelists had no idea who Giraffe was, including his 90210 co-star Jason Priestley, 51, actors Shia LaBeouf, 34, and Seth Green, 46, racecar driver Dale Earnhardt, 45, and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, 44.

'Let's reunite the band! 'Robin screamed, joining Brian onstage to perform the Kool & Gang song again.

It was a big night for Robin as surprise guest panelist Joel McHale, 48, came to the set dressed as The Robin and played his hit song Blurred Lines.

Group A's first member to sing was Popcorn, with a 2019 hit dropping cover of Harry Styles.

Her video depicted her as a character in the soap opera 'Corn and Beautiful.'

'I wasn't a healthy treat,' she said, lying in a hospital bed. 'Being a tiny kernel, I suffered from a bizarre disorder. I couldn't sleep. I experienced extreme anxiety and felt an internal jail. Until I reached deep into my pop heart and found my voice, taking me from the drama to the other side. Yeah, I survived by my speech.'

Visual hints included cats, candles, number 16, gold coins, lightning, Rubik's cube, hair iron, rainbow flag and French mansion.

Robin was wowed, saying, 'This show's beauty is they can't show you their feelings with their face, so you have to hear it in their voice. All the emotion, all the quivering, control, determination, vulnerability — all came through in this show.

Popcorn's drone hint was a tiny toy planet she said, 'The sun's second rock might be far away, but it should get you closer to me.'

Guesses included Katy Perry, 35, Vanessa Williams, 57, and Gloria Gaynor, 77.

The Giraffe sang next, followed by the Snow Owls, with John Legend performing Meghan Trainor 's 2016 duet, Like I'm Gon na Lose You.

In their pre-taped video, the male owl said, 'We've always got each other's backs, like going through a messy breakup and getting swept in an avalanche of emotions.'

The female owl agreed, noting, 'I took his side and was his anchor, considering our community's 'beaklash.' And when I was poor he was my knight in shiny armor. I had a chance for a queen I was too afraid to do.'

The owl cried, 'But I said, 'You should! ''

'I took the leap of faith and it was life-changing,' the woman responded.

'Being with each other made us super-tight,' her partner said.

The items shown in their kit included a dropping letter 'D,' a shaving cream, a basketball with 'DAL' letters, a jump house, a snowy mountain, and a rope net.

'That was such a loving show,' said panelist Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, adding it reminded her of her husband Donnie Wahlberg, 51.

The drone bore a witch's cap, prompting the owls to suggest, 'We'll tip our hats whatever one of you points out the hint.'

Nicole Kidman, 53, and Keith Urban, 52, Rob Schneider, 56, and Elle King, 31, Will Ferrell, 53, and Rachel McAdams, 41.

The Sun went second, covering Kesha 's 2017 album Praying, leaving panelist Nicole Scherzinger 42 speechless.

'Probably out of all our seasons, my favorite female voice I've heard on this show,' she said.

'I missed my childhood growing up in a broken home,' the Sun noted in her video, standing in front of a Victorian country house. 'But I've recently compensated for the lost time, finding childlike outlets to make life magical — like going into the woods to find peace in nature. I love toe dirt, my young memory. And the ground slipping as my heart walks a line. And in cooking tasty treats for like-minded immaterial ladies, I became a whiz. Finally, I still look bright, burning hideous rumors out of my life.'

Clues included a red hourglass with a spider, a greenhouse and watering can, a blue butterfly, candy canes, a pink 'soup' cauldron, and a hair lock.

Her drone held an eight-ball, the Sun wondered, 'Will this Magic Eight Ball help you conjure up my identity? Outlook not hot.'

Singers Katharine McPhee, 36, Carrie Underwood, 37, and Mandy Moore, 36.

The Masked Singer returns on Fox next week.


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