Brazilian star Eliane Ferreira Siolin shot killed by husband over her sexy TikTok

Brazilian influencer, killed by a husband in front of his daughter, shot 14 times
A 35-year-old mum, known for her racy TikTok posts, was allegedly fired in a row over her sexy social media 14 times by her husband.

During a row over her raunchy social media snaps, her husband reportedly shot dead a Brazilian influencer.

Alejandro Antonio Aguilera Cantallupi, who then took his own life, is thought to have been shot 14 times by Eliane Ferreira Siolin.

The bodies of the 35-year-old social media celebrity and 41-year-old Cantallupi were found on Sunday on the back porch of a property in Ponto Pora, Brazil.

With at least 14 bullet wounds, Eliane's body was found and her right arm was evidently broken, while Antonio's body was discovered with a single gunshot to the back.

Eliane Siolin, the suspect, was reportedly shot by her husband
Eliane Siolin, the suspect, was reportedly shot by her husband

The pair also clashed, including about Eliane's social media messages, according to the police.

"Close friends said they fought a lot, even in public," Officer Analu Ferraz said.

A pistol, a number of bullets, and a spare magazine found close to the bodies were confiscated by the cops.

The couple's six-year-old daughter is confirmed to have witnessed the incident, and she was later taken in by relatives.

Local media also suggested that the pair clashed during the row over one of the TikTok videos of Eliane and her "sexy Instagram photos."

The couple were allegedly 'fighting a lot'.
The couple were allegedly 'fighting a lot'.

Eliane was Brazilian, and it is not known if Alejandro was a resident of Brazil or Paraguay.

There are more than 58,000 followers of Eliane's TikTok page, and the influencer used the site to post periodic short clips of herself, sometimes in revealing outfits.

Police are reviewing the situation.

Eliane and Alejandro were reportedly arguing about one of her videos on TikTok