Blackberry and amazon on new partnerships, is still in business develop market

BlackBerry banks on new alliances with revenues declining

Analysts predict adjusted earnings

tIn the last 3 months, revenues declined at BlackBerry Ltd., but the technology business is dependent on Amazon's and Zoom's collaborations to produce steady revenue.

In its latest financial trimester, Waterloo, Ontario, records a net loss of $130 million or US$23 cents per share, steeper than last year when it lost $32 million or US$7 cents per diluted share.

The company says its turnover in the most recent quarter was US$218 million, down from US$267 million in the same period last year.

Adjusted earnings of US$224 million, stronger than the adjusted one-cent loss per share of US$219,72 million in revenues of the US financial services company Refinitiv, were estimated at analysts.

The company, which launched its online security partnership with Zoom, now plans to close its financial year with adjusted revenues of approximately US$950 billion, according to guidance from the beginning of this year.

The quarterly report notes that BlackBerry's recent business with Amazon Web Services is soon to generate daily revenues in several years for the production and marketing of BlackBerry Smart Vehicle Data Platform.

Blackberry Ltd. announced a partnership with Inc. to create standardized vehicle data across all models of cars. Blackberry Chief Executive Officer John Chen discusses what the partnership with Amazon means for the company's future