Australian Federal Police will proceed Brittany Higgins complaint

Brittany Higgins to file a formal police complaint about the alleged rape of Parliament House

She will officially file a report with the police about her claim that she was raped in Parliament House in 2019.

A former Liberal staffer alleges that after a night out in Canberra, she was sexually assaulted by a male colleague in the office of minister Linda Reynolds.

Higgins confirmed in a statement on Friday that he is re-engaging with the Australian Federal Police and proceeding with a formal complaint about the crime that was committed against him in what should be the safest building in Australia.

I want a thorough police investigation to look at what happened to me on March 22nd and 23rd, as well as my attacker to face legal action.

Higgins clarified that she chose not to formally complain because she did not want to hurt the Liberal Party or her “dream job.”
Higgins clarified that she chose not to formally complain because she did not want to hurt the Liberal Party or her “dream job.”

I've been told by the Australian Federal Police that they will deal with this matter carefully and in the open.

Additionally, I'm asking that they deal with it promptly as of now.

It's been a long time that I've been waiting for justice.

Higgins previously said she had chosen not to file a police report at the time, as she feared it might lead to her losing her work.

In Friday's speech, she expressed a willingness to spark a broad shift by undertaking a “significant review into the working conditions of ministerial and parliamentary staff and how we can do better”.

Higgins also claimed that she intends to seek “dramatic change” in Parliament House's approach to “matters of this type”.

I want an inquiry that's completely impartial to investigate the manner in which my case was handled within the government, offices where I served, and other offices and parties that had knowledge of my circumstances,” she said.

In order to establish a new structure for political workers, we must find out what happened to me and how the system failed me, as it was these specifics that created a new mechanism that ensures real institutional change and restabilizes trust.

A toxic organizational culture may also be developed in which unethical behavior flourishes because of the imbalance in power dynamics.

She told me that she's always motivated by the hope that “no other person will have to endure the trauma that I went through while I was in Parliament House”.

“My voice was lost, but now I have it back, and I intend to use it to guarantee that this never happens to another member of staff again,” she said.