Arrest Delafield Shooting 2 Police, Nathanael Benton north Dakota fargo

Police in Wisconsin apprehend armed gunman convicted of killing 2 police officers.

Benton, 23, was arrested in Waukesha County
Nathanael Benton
Nathanael Benton

The armed gunman suspected of killing two police officers in Wisconsin early Friday morning, police said. Nathanael Benton, 23, was also wanted for North Dakota 's previous attempted murder.

Delafield Chief of Police Erik Kehl said Benton had been captured without opposition in a field not far from the Holiday Inn where the officers were shot in Waukesha Township, about 27 miles west of Milwaukee. Additional specifics were not given immediately.

Kehl said earlier that a man accused of a hit-and - run collision outside a Holiday Inn at Interstate 94 and Highway 83 in Waukesha County, about 27 miles west of Milwaukee, was approached by one of his officers and another from nearby Hartland.

Officers were evacuated to a hospital area with non-life - threatening injuries, he said.

Earlier Friday, due to a "law enforcement incident," local affiliate News Milwaukee was alerted in an emergency warning to "ignore the location" of Highway 83 and Golf Road in Delafield.

"If you live in the local area, take cover at the lowest home / business level and wait for the clear message," the alarm said.

Fargo police said they were told Friday morning in a Facebook post that the shooting in Delafield involved Benton, a man in their city for attempted murder.

A man called police at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, according to Fargo police, claiming he believed he'd been fired. He claimed he 'd taken a rideshare to Moorhead, Minn., and had suffered headaches.

He was rushed to the hospital where emergency staff found bullet holes in his brain, police said.