Army Brutality, Killed Makbule Sarı 74 year old woman with a pig tie in Korgan Ordu Turkey

Murdered in Ordu

Makbule Sarı lived in Korgan. She was found killed at home.

On the evening of November 14, Makbule Sarı was found murdered at her Korgan, Ordu home.

Makbule Sarı's daughter told the police that she couldn't keep her mum. When police went to Sarı's home, they discovered the woman dead. Her body had symptoms of torture.

Moreover, police established that money and precious objects were stolen in the woman's house after the crime scene investigation. Makbule Sarı's body was taken to Metropolitan Municipality's morgue for autopsy.

The first investigation found evidence of abuse, it was determined that the woman was murdered about 3 days earlier. The precise cause of death is determined by the Trabzon Forensic Medicine Institute autopsy.

Killed Makbule Sarı

Army's violence! 74-year-old lady with pig tie

The incident occurred yesterday evening in the district Saraaliç. Told the neighborhood headman from Makbule Sarı, who lived alone at home for a long time, unable to take her daughter. When he couldn't meet Sarı, he asked the police for help. The police teams who came to the address found Makbule Sarı wrapped in a towel, her hands and feet bound to a cord. In power, Sarı was determined to sacrifice his life. Moreover, it was discovered that money and precious objects were robbed in the house examination.

Makbule Sarı's dead body is about to be autopsy after prosecuting Army prosecutor He was removed to Metropolitan Municipality Morgue and Gasilhane.



A preliminary autopsy and exam on Makbule Sarı's corpse. According to the first results in the exam; painful findings were discovered in Makbule Sarı's body. It was determined that by tying his hands and feet with a pig tie, a few people killed Sarı, whose internal organs started to rot. Any samples were submitted to the Trabzon Forensic Medicine Institute for review to determine the final death record. Sarı was said to be buried tomorrow.


Meanwhile, within the framework of the inquiry on suspicion of murder over Sarı's death, a special team was formed. It was confirmed that the teams performing large-scale community and house study applied to several people's claims.

Killed Makbule Sarı
Makbule Sarı