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Ariel Elias comedian beer, philly nurse pregnant woman comedy

People cheered for the comedian's perfect answer to a loud heckler.

People have praised comedian Ariel Elias for how well she handled a heckler who threw a full can of beer at her head.

A drunk person in the audience threw a full can of beer at a comedian, and the comedian's response to the drunk person was praised.

Ariel Elias was performing at a comedy club in New Jersey, US, on Saturday night when her show took a scary turn.

During the Q&A part of her act, a woman in the crowd asked Elias if she had voted for Donald Trump. She replied, "What do you think?"

"Here's a question for you. Since I'm the only Jew in the room, why would you ask me that?" The comedian answered back, "Are you trying to kill me?"

Ariel Elias comedian beer, philly nurse pregnant woman comedy
Things started going wrong in the middle of Ariel Elias's set.

When the heckler kept asking Elias who she voted for, the comedian gave her a very harsh insult.

"I can tell you voted for Trump because you're still talking when no one wants you to," she said before the crowd started to cheer.

Still, the heckler wouldn't stop, saying that no one had told her to shut up.

Elias then told the crowd, "Make some noise if you want her to stop talking," which made a lot of people cheer.

As the comedian tried to keep going with the show and tell the audience "the rest of the bit," a can of beer flew toward the stage and hit a brick just centimeters from Elias' head.

The crowd fell silent as people sat there stunned and not sure what to do.

Elias then bent down and picked up the half-empty can without thinking about it. He took a drink, which made the crowd cheer.

Elias proved what happened by posting a clip of the drama on Twitter.

"To answer the most obvious question, yes, I did pick up what was left of the beer and drink it," she wrote.

Elias told Rolling Stone that about 20 people dressed for a Mexican-themed birthday party were rude and had to be told to be quiet before the show even began.

She said from the start that "the set wasn't going great," but she never thought that a beer would be thrown at her head.

Elias also said that she was "relieved" that there was still beer in the can after it had been thrown.

"I knew I had to drink it all up. After it exploded against the wall, I was so glad to see that there was still some in there. Also, my adrenaline was going crazy, so even though I usually don't drink before or during sets, I thought this was a good time to do so," she told the publication.

She said on Twitter that the person who threw the beer "ran out of the club as soon as they did it."

She chose not to press charges, but the pub where she was performing will.

It also apologized and made sure she was okay before booking her to perform again in April.


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