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Coach's terrifying reaction as Ariarne Titmus defeats Katie Ledecky astounds the United States.

Ariarne Titmus became a national hero after defeating Katie Ledecky in a stunning match, but her coach overshadowed the Australian superstar.

Katie Ledecky just got terminated.

Ariarne Titmus stunned American superstar Michael Phelps by winning gold in the 400m freestyle on Monday, coming from behind in the final 50m with the swim of her life.

The blockbuster bout was billed as Tokyo's hottest ticket, and boy did it deliver. This is the first time in Ledecky's five-year Olympic career that she has ever lost an individual event at a Games, as Titmus has ascended to the undisputed throne of middle distance swimming.

The Australian superstar affectionately known as "Arnie" – hence the nickname Terminator after the Schwarzenegger film – demonstrated that her victory over Ledecky at the 2019 World Championships was not a fluke, taking the lead for the first time in the final lap and storming home to win by 0.67 seconds.

Dean Boxall was on the move.
Dean Boxall was on the move.
He came dangerously close to snapping a railing.
He came dangerously close to snapping a railing.

In Australia, nerves gave way to ecstasy, but no one partied harder than Titmus' coach Dean Boxall. In the stands, the young gun's mentor went completely insane, appearing to lose control of his entire body.

Boxall snatched up his mask, punched the air, shook a fence, and terrified the living daylights out of a poor official who had no idea how to stop the rampaging Australian from falling.

Social media went crazy for Boxall, who became an internet sensation after making quite an impression on swimming fans in the United States and throughout the world.

Joe Pompliano, a sports/business writer based in the United States, tweeted: "Ariarne Titmus' coach just had the best reaction ever to her 400-meter freestyle gold medal victory over Katie Ledecky."

However, some were displeased that Boxall garnered attention at the expense of Titmus.

Lindsay Gibbs, an American sports writer, tweeted: "I can already see Titmus' uncomfortably aggressive coach garnering more media attention in the US than she does, and I am pre-emptively enraged!!"

Pam Shriver, a former US tennis great, added, "When the coach tries to be the show, it's (vomit emoji)."

Titmus was attempting to contain her emotions as she still had the 200m heats to swim later that night, but she was clearly overjoyed with her incredible victory.

“Oh my goodness. I'm speechless,” Titmus stated. “I'm not sure whether the last year has flown by quickly or slowly, but arriving here was a relief. To come here and complete the task. I'm overjoyed. " I expressed my gratitude. Without her, I would not be here. She established this extraordinary standard. All credit goes to her for being such an excellent swimmer. I've been attempting to pursue her. It's quite exciting now that this battle has begun. It's a lot of fun to race. Throughout the race, I attempted to maintain as much composure as possible and then simply followed my race plan. I can't believe I did it.”

Ian Thorpe and Leisel Jones, two Australian swimming legends, were in awe of the 20-year-performance old's on the world's biggest stage, where she set a new Commonwealth and Australian record by touching the wall in 3:56.69.

What a hero.
What a hero.

Thorpe described Titmus' swim as "just phenomenal" during Channel 7 commentary.

“This is incredible... delivering when it matters,” he stated. “At the Olympic Games, against the world's best female swimmer. What a show.”

“It was so impressive because the most difficult thing at an Olympic Games is to step up and perform under enormous pressure,” Jones continued. “Not only that, but from someone else like Katie Ledecky, and to just go stroke for stroke and win is so impressive.”

Boxall broke down in tears as he embraced Australia's newest champion during the medal ceremony.

“It was actually quite difficult to contain (the emotion),” Titmus admitted. “I could see Dean sobbing uncontrollably on the other side. That is not something you see very often, and it made me want to cry.”