AOC wants to abolish, What is carceral system definition meaning pronunciation

AOC declares her desire to 'abolish our carceral system.'

'I want to abolish our criminal justice system, which is designed to imprison Black and Brown men,' Ocasio-Cortez stated.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York, stated Saturday that she wants to "abolish" the United States' criminal justice system during a campaign event for Ohio congressional candidate Nina Turner.

"I want to abolish our carceral system," the democratic socialist told a Cleveland rally of Turner supporters. "I desire justice. I desire both peace and prosperity. That is what I desire."

AOC wants to abolish, What is carceral system definition meaning pronunciation
In a CNN appearance, Ocasio-Cortez rails against opponents of critical race theory.

Ocasio-Cortez was in Cleveland for a canvassing event in support of Turner, a progressive former state senator and co-chair of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign.

Turner is running for Ohio's 11th Congressional District, which was vacated by former U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge when she became Housing and Urban Development Secretary in March.

On Saturday, Ocasio-Cortez described Turner's battle as one between grassroots and corporate politics.

"This is not a contest between Nina and any opponent; this is a contest between the people and big money," the congresswoman said, according to WJW.

"This is a dark blue leather seat. It's a deep blue leather chair "According to reports, she stated. "Districts such as Ohio's 11th should be setting the national standard on issues. They are opportunities, and they are extremely rare; very few districts, such as this one, are capable of seizing and being visionary."

Turner's primary opponent in the crowded Democratic primary on Aug. 3 is local Democratic Party chairwoman Shontel Brown, a moderate.

"The contrast in this race could not be more stark," Brown's campaign stated in response to Ocasio-remarks, Cortez's according to WJW. "Shontel Brown is the only candidate who can work immediately with the Biden administration and our majority in the House to bring good-paying jobs, affordable healthcare, and affordable prescription drugs to northeast Ohio."