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Angelo Dellosa and James Delinicolis, police officers misconduct charges

Cops threatened each other following sex with a schoolgirl they encountered on the street.

Two police officers testified in court that they had 'embarrassed' the force following an encounter in a hotel room with a schoolgirl.

Two Sydney police officers charged with misconduct for having sex with a minor schoolgirl in a hotel room after one of them picked her up on the job would scour their work locations for sexual conquests, a court heard.

Angelo Dellosa, 31, and James Delinicolis, 30, both pleaded guilty to one count of misconduct in public office and appeared in Downing Centre District Court on Friday.

The duo, who are both affiliated with the NSW Police Transport Command in Bankstown in Sydney's southwest, admitted they had embarrassed the police force by having a consensual threesome with the 17-year-old schoolgirl dubbed "Violet" and filmed some of it.

Between May 2019 and May 2020, Dellosa and Delinicolis routinely interacted with ladies and distributed their phone numbers while on duty, according to acknowledged facts.

They communicated with ladies while on duty using what they dubbed a "bat phone."

Angelo Dellosa and James Delinicolis, police officers misconduct charges
While working, Angelo Dellosa contacted ladies.

According to the court record, Delinicolis would "exploit his position as a police officer to pick up ladies" and would keep a pile of post-it notes with his phone number to hand out to girls he encountered while on duty.

He distributed perhaps a few per week, he testified.

Dellosa, too, contacted women while working on nine occasions over the course of a year.

Crown prosecutor Karl Prince told the court that the issue was not "moral" or whether the men were unfaithful to their wives by having sex with "Violet," but rather "the abuse of his position as a police officer."

"His behavior has fallen so far short of what was expected of him that a charge and criminal penalty are warranted," he added of Dellosa.

However, Dellosa's counsel Margaret Cunneen SC stated that the offence was motivated by "sexual dissatisfaction" rather than the "classic determination to defraud the public by abusing one's office."

The duo, who were initially accused with non-consensual sex on the schoolgirl but later acquitted, also discussed the dramatic impact of the sexual assault charges, which attracted widespread media attention.

James Delinicolis' behavior was 'very inconsistent with what was expected of him.'
James Delinicolis' behavior was 'very inconsistent with what was expected of him.'

This included death threats during Dellosa's 22-day stay at Silverwater, where he was referred to as a "child rapist" by other inmates and both men were urged to commit suicide.

Delinicolis, who was also a member of the Army Reserve prior to the incident, said in court that he was "scared" during his time in captivity and was instructed to terminate his life before the other convicts did.

"I thought only Catholic priests did this, not police officers," one jail officer reportedly told him.

He stated that when he saw media reports about attempted rape, he assumed it was "some sort of trap."

He stated that he felt "very horrible" for "Violet" and "extremely sorry for putting her in that situation," and admitted there was a power imbalance between him and the adolescent.

Dellosa, whose family immigrated to Australia when he was 13, wept during his testimony, telling the court he always desired a career in law enforcement as a means to repay the Australian people.

"I've also tarnished the police force's reputation. I was to serve as a role model. In August 2012, I took an oath to serve as a role model in my community. "I have violated an oath," he stated.

A statement of accepted facts detailed the contact with a 17-year-old girl in an August hotel room in southwestern Sydney last year.

In March 2020, while riding in a patrol van with three other policemen, Delinicolis struck up a discussion with a female he observed standing outside a train station while dressed in his uniform.

29-year-old James Delinicolis and 30-year-old Angelo Dellosa.
29-year-old James Delinicolis and 30-year-old Angelo Dellosa.

He inquired as to her name, whether she was single, and her age.

She informed him that she was 18 years old, despite the fact that she was only 17 at the time, and he handed her a piece of paper bearing the name "Dimitri" and his phone number.

"She's old enough," Delinicolis remarked when congratulated by others in the van.

She messaged him to say "hello," and the two exchanged sexual texts, with Delinicolis offering to send images of his penis and the girl responding with a nudist shot.

Later that evening, another officer cautioned the pair about engaging in sexual activity with a schoolgirl.

"Are you serious about a schoolgirl?" he asked, referring to an incident in which an NRL player was suspended for bringing a schoolgirl back to the team hotel.

"We are not doing anything illegal," Delinicolis responded.

Delinicolis arranged for the student to be picked up and transported to a motel in Cabramatta on August 13.

He inquired as to whether she desired a trio, and she agreed to "one at a time."

The parties agree that all sexual contact between members of the group inside the hotel room was consensual.

Delinicolis had sex with the 17-year-old before to Dellosa's arrival at the hotel.

Delinicolis stood by and watched the duo have sex, and when they were finished, he resumed having sex with her.

Dellosa began taping it on his phone, which was eventually discovered on a Samsung phone.

Following that, the girl spoke with the men for a time before ceasing to do so.

The girl informed her 32-year-old boyfriend and a few school friends of the incident prior to filing an anonymous police report on June 26.

Delinicolis was arrested at his place of employment after telling officers, "She stated she was 18."

Both guys were placed on administrative leave without pay.

Acting Judge Peter Berman has deferred judgment until the following Friday.


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