Angela Wagner killing plans rhoden family, hanna dana clarence and kenneth

Eight family members were murdered by her granddaughter Angela Wagner, an Ohio grandmother.

It's the second time in her family's history that someone has admitted to taking part in a horrible crime that authorities say was motivated by a disagreement over custody of her granddaughter.

Earlier this year Angela Wagner, 50, pleaded guilty to aggravated murder conspiracies, burglary and evidence tampering in Pike County, Ohio, in southern Ohio.

A 30-year prison term was suggested in exchange for her guilty plea.

This included her agreement to testify against other defendants, they said.

Angela Wagner killing plans rhoden family, hanna dana clarence and kenneth
Angle Wagner sits with her attorneys in the Pike County Common Pleas Court.

During the hearing, she didn't say anything.

She and her husband, as well as their two adult sons, were also charged in the 2016 killings of seven people and a teenage boy from the Rhoden family.

After her son, Edward "Jake" Wagner, pled guilty to aggravated murder and other counts, and agreed to testify against the other three as part of a deal that would assist all four avoid potential death sentences, Wagner has now entered her own plea.

They have pled not guilty to the charges against them.

It took more than two years to arrest the Wagners after they fatally shot three trailers and a camper in Piketon in April 2016. The incident horrified people in a rural Ohio area and triggered one of Ohio's most exhaustive criminal investigations.

A special prosecutor claimed some victims were slain because they just happened to be there. The Wagners spent months plotting the crimes and targeted some of the victims.

They were shot repeatedly in the head, and some of them had visible bruising.

Three children who were present at the scene were not injured.

Christopher Rhoden Sr., 40, his ex-wife Dana Rhoden, 37, their three children Clarence "Frankie" Rhoden, 20, Christopher Jr., 16, and Hanna, 19, Clarence Rhoden's fiancee Hannah Gilley, 20, and Gary Rhoden, 38, were all killed.

As a result of a custody dispute between Jake Wagner and Hanna Rhoden's daughter, prosecutors allege that the Wagner family planned the deaths for months.

According to authorities, the Wagners employed homemade silencers on their firearms, which allowed them to shoot their victims while they slept.

Suspects' family members have been identified.

"Phone jammers" would have prevented the victims from phoning for help, according to Canepa.

In addition, Canepa alleged, she falsified custody documents and spied on some victims' social media accounts before the murders. According to Canepa, after her son's guilty plea, Wagner approached prosecutors and gave them additional information regarding a settlement.

To mark the five-year anniversary of the murders, Jake Wagner admitted his guilt in April and apologized profusely in court.

There is no punishment yet, but his counsel indicated that he was aware of the possibility of spending his entire life in prison.

"Some kind of justice," according to Christopher Rhoden Sr's brother, Tony Rhoden Sr., was the family's response to the first plea.

The Wagners have also been sued by him. These proceedings are ongoing.