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The Liberal MP mocks his "unreserved apologies" for online bullying.

New comments on Facebook have cast doubt on Liberal MP Andrew Laming's honesty in apologizing for claims of online harassment made by two residents of his constituency.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison forced the Member for Bowman to apologize in the House of Representatives yesterday, just an hour before a major 9News investigation uncovered the allegations.

Alix Russo, a single mother, told 9News she was the target of Mr Laming's slander and false accusations, including false charges she misappropriated funds at Night Ninjas, a homeless charity she works with.

Sheena Hewlett, another student, says Mr Laming took photos of her in a park and called her school to ask for her schedule. She said that she and her husband, a local councillor, are terrified.

He said, "I want to express my sorrow and sincere apologies for any hurt or discomfort that contact might have caused."

"I want to withdraw those remarks and deliver an unequivocal public apology."

However, 9News received an exchange on Facebook just a few hours after the apology.

Mr Laming said, "I'm actually shocked by the answer – not as good as the skulling."

This remark is in response to last week's revelations on A Current Affair that Mr Laming competed in a sculling race with a teenage girl who was drinking a bottle of vodka.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has scolded Federal MP Andrew Laming.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has scolded Federal MP Andrew Laming.

"In this climate – I willingly apologize – at 4pm when I did it, I didn't even know what for," the post continued.

Ms Hewlett told 9News that Mr Laming's remarks indicate he "clearly isn't sorry."

"It clearly indicates that he has no intention of changing and that nothing can change."

Mr Laming's "disgraceful" behavior on social media has prompted calls for the Prime Minister to fire him today.

"Yesterday, I summoned him to my office and ordered him to apologize and deal with the situation. He did it "Mr. Morrison explained.

"He knows exactly what I'm looking for."

Mr Morrison's response to the revelations about Mr Laming's conduct against his constituents has been slammed by Labor as "totally insufficient."

"In my opinion, Andrew Laming is unfit to serve in parliament," said opposition leader Anthony Albanese.

Mr Laming has declined an interview offer from 9News.

The accusations against Mr Laming come after Mr Morrison's decision not to attend the March4Justice rally at Parliament House, as well as his treatment of rape allegations made by Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins and past rape allegations made against Attorney-General Christian Porter, all of which Mr Porter firmly denies.

Mr Morrison told Tracy Grimshaw on A Current Affair last night that he was doing everything he could to appreciate women's indignation.

The online behaviour of a long-term federal Liberal MP towards two women has prompted a public rebuke from the Prime Minister.