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Amrapali ami gan only fans ceo, Tim Stokely Steps Down onlyfans net worth

Amrapali ami gan only fans ceo, Tim Stokely Steps Down onlyfans net worth
Amrapali ami gan
Ami Gan is the company's marketing chief and will become CEO

He will be an adviser for a risky, creator-based platform.

OnlyFans named spokesperson Ami Gan as its new CEO, replacing Tim Stokely, who started and built the media company into a billion-dollar business. OnlyFans is used by porn stars, musicians, and fitness enthusiasts to share content with their most ardent fans.

Gan said it was Stokely's decision to step down and name Gan as his successor, not his own. Two years and a half ago, they worked very closely together to deal with the company's rapid growth and the increased attention that came with it.

Garan is the head of communications and marketing at OnlyFans. He has worked for Red Bull, Quest Nutrition and a LA-based cannabis cafe. As of Tuesday, Stokely will be an adviser to the London-based company, which he has been running since it started up in 2016.

A company with a lot of users and creators but a bad reputation for selling pornography has to figure out what to do next. Gan has to figure out what to do with the company now. It will invest more money in its free video streaming app, OFTV, and make more tools for creators.

Gan said in an interview: "We've worked together because we both believe in the creator economy." "Our goal is to keep being the safest social media platform in the world."

OnlyFans founder Tim Stokely resigns as CEO
OnlyFans founder Tim Stokely resigns as CEO

Stokely started OnlyFans after he had a few other businesses in online pornography. People who make money online can charge their fans for access to special photos and videos. The company made this possible. Stokely sold a majority stake in the company to Leonid Radvinsky, an internet entrepreneur.

There was a lot of interest in the site from people who did sex work. They used OnlyFans to send pictures and videos that were illegal. Site use rose during the Covid-19 pandemic because everyone from strippers and social media stars to big-name celebrities joined. People like Cardi B and Bella Thorne used OnlyFans to spread the word about new songs.

In the so-called "creator economy," the company became a favorite of people who make things. They thought about selling a stake in the company for more than $1 billion.

Investors, on the other hand, were afraid to invest in a company that was so closely linked to pornography. OnlyFans said this year that it would no longer allow sexual content because it was hard to do business with banks and payment processors. During less than a week, many of its top creators were outraged by the policy. It changed its mind after that.

Gan said he couldn't say whether the company is looking for money, is still committed to sexual content, or if Radvinsky played a role in the company's new leader. There were some policy changes this summer, but she didn't say if they made a difference in business.

When users sell subscriptions to their fans through the company, the company takes a 20% cut of the sales. They also charge for private messages in chat rooms. It made about $1.2 billion last year and was on track to make about $2.5 billion this year, Axios said.


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