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Amazon aws outage status today, US east 1 ring server down news twitter

Amazon's cloud computing unit's issues bring websites and services to a halt.

Due to issues in Amazon Web Services' East Coast data centers, businesses and users were unable to access collaboration software provider Smartsheet's services.

Amazon's widely utilized cloud computing platform encountered serious technical difficulties in its eastern United States operations Tuesday morning, knocking large portions of its customers' Internet-connected businesses offline.

The business provided little specifics regarding the outage, directing users to the Amazon Web Services health dashboard, which stated Tuesday afternoon that the "main cause of this issue is an impairment of numerous network devices." The problem, which affected AWS data centers in the eastern United States, had spread to the company's monitoring and incident response systems, "delaying our ability to deliver updates."

Amazon aws outage status today, US east 1 ring server down news twitter
Attendees walk through an expo hall at AWS re:Invent 2021, a conference hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Dec 1 in Las Vegas. The service was down for at least six hours Tuesday in parts of the east coast.

By late afternoon, the business had rectified some issues, but was still "working toward complete recovery across all services."

Late Tuesday morning Eastern, a number of AWS customers reported issues with their services. On its status page, Smartsheet, which provides collaboration software, indicated that its service was unavailable "due to an AWS outage." Asana, a project management software company, said that some of its services were inaccessible due to the AWS outage.

Amazon's company was also harmed by the outage. Computer systems were also interrupted at the company's massive warehousing operations, which also use AWS, spokesman Richard Rocha said in an email. Beginning Tuesday morning, computer systems at a Midwest warehouse were affected, a warehouse worker claimed late Tuesday.

"We're all just standing around," said the worker, who requested anonymity due to their lack of authority to speak publicly.

Additionally, Amazon's Ring home security subsidiary said on its website that its app was having issues remembering client modifications and that live views from its cameras were failing to connect to the app. Emma Daniels, a spokeswoman for Ring, said the services' troubles were attributable to the AWS outages.

Amazon representative Kristin Brown declined to provide more information regarding the disruption other than what was shown on the AWS dashboard. (Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon, owns The Washington Post.)

A year ago, AWS had a significant outage that brought down big sections of the Internet, including Ring, iRobot, and The Washington Post. At the time, AWS stated in a long postmortem that its massive Northern Virginia data center began to collapse after the business began adding "a relatively tiny amount of capacity" to the system. However, as a result of "an operating system setting," the additional capacity triggered a series of problems that swamped Amazon's server network.

AWS is the world's largest provider of cloud computing services, which enable clients to rent data storage and processing capacity via the Internet rather than maintaining their own data centers. According to market research firm Gartner, AWS will own 40.8 percent of the global market for infrastructure cloud services in 2020. Microsoft, its nearest competitor, controlled 19.7 percent of the global market.

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