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Alec Baldwin prop gun firearm shoots killed Halyna Hutchins, imdb wiki 2021

Alec Baldwin fatally kills a woman on stage with a pretend gun.

On a New Mexico film set, actor Alec Baldwin discharged a pretend gun, killing a woman and injuring another.

Mr Baldwin discharged the pistol during filming for the 19th Century western Rust, according to police in the US state.

Halyna Hutchins was airlifted to a hospital but died from her injuries. Joel Souza, the director, was undergoing emergency care.

According to a spokeswoman for Mr Baldwin, the event entailed the misfiring of a prop gun loaded with blanks.

Ms Hutchins, 42, was serving as director of photography on the set. Mr Souza, 48, was sent to the hospital in an ambulance, but the extent of his injuries was not disclosed.

Alec Baldwin prop gun firearm shoots killed Halyna Hutchins, imdb wiki 2021
Alec Baldwin is a co-producer on the New Mexico-set picture Rust.

No charges have been made in connection with the incident at Bonanza Creek Ranch, a prominent filming site.

Caption for media, Aerial footage reveals the location of the event on the film set.

A Santa Fe sheriff's spokesperson told AFP news agency that Mr Baldwin had spoken with detectives.

"He entered the building voluntarily and exited after completing his interviews," the official said.

Ms Hutchins was born in Ukraine and grew up on a Soviet military installation near the Arctic Circle, according to her personal website. She studied journalism in Kyiv and film in Los Angeles. In 2019, the American Cinematographer magazine dubbed her a "emerging talent."

She was the director of photography for Adam Egypt Mortimer's upcoming action thriller Archenemy.

"I'm devastated by Halyna's passing. And so enraged that something like this could happen on a set, "In a tweet, Mr Mortimer stated.

The International Cinematographer's Guild described Ms Hutchins' death as "devastating news" and a "heinous loss" in a statement.

"At the time, the circumstances are unknown, but we are working to learn more and support a thorough inquiry into this unfortunate tragedy," guild president John Lindley and executive director Rebecca Rhine stated.

Sheriff's deputies were summoned to Bonanza Creek Ranch at approximately 13:50 local time (19:50 GMT) in response to a 911 call reporting a shooting on set.

Mr Baldwin is a co-producer of the film and stars as the film's titular character, an outlaw whose 13-year-old grandson is convicted of an unintentional murder.

Mr Baldwin, the eldest of four actors, has appeared in a variety of television and cinema roles since the 1980s.

He was nominated for multiple accolades for his portrayal of Jack Donaghy on NBC's sitcom 30 Rock. He also received critical acclaim and a third Primetime Emmy nomination for his depiction of Donald Trump on the sketch show Saturday Night Live.

Incidents like Thursday's tragic shooting on the set of the Rust film are highly rare, but not unheard of.

Real firearms are frequently used in filming, and they are loaded with blank cartridges - cartridges that provide a light and a bang without actually firing a projectile.

Brandon Lee, the late martial-arts hero Bruce Lee's 28-year-old son, died on set in 1993 after being inadvertently shot with a prop gun while filming a death scene for the film The Crow.

It was eventually established that the gun had discharged a round previously, resulting in a cartridge becoming trapped in the barrel. The cartridge was dislodged and released later when blank bullets were fired.

Brandon Lee's sister Shannon tweeted in response to Thursday's news: "Our hearts go out to Halyna Hutchins' family, Joel Souza, and everyone else involved in the 'Rust' event. Nobody should ever be killed on a film set by a gun. Period."


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