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4chan hunter biden iphone hack leak, Icloud phone 4 chan hacked reddit

4chan hunter biden iphone hack leak, Icloud phone 4 chan hacked reddit
Some people on 4chan say they have broken into Hunter Biden's iCloud account.

People in the 4chan community are said to have hacked Hunter Biden's iCloud account. They posted what they said were screenshots from his phone and computer on the site's main political forum late Saturday night.

Administrators of the image board moved quickly in the hours after the content was posted to take down threads that included materials from the alleged leak. This made many people on the site, which is known for having some of the most scandalous content on the internet, very angry.

The leak's contents couldn't be checked right away by the Washington Examiner, and a White House spokesman didn't respond right away to a request for comment.

It was also not clear right away if the 4chan leak included any information from the younger Biden's famous laptop, whose authenticity was confirmed by the Washington Examiner earlier this year. The public found out about the infamous laptop in the last few weeks of the 2020 election. It has information about the first son's finances and personal life.

4chan hunter biden iphone hack leak

Since 2018, the government has been looking into Hunter Biden's finances, which include deals and money transfers worth millions of dollars with Ukraine, China, and Russia. Hunter Biden said before the 2020 election that he was "100% sure" he wouldn't be found guilty of any wrongdoing if there was an investigation into his tax situation.

After getting a copy of the hard drive and having it looked at by a former Secret Service agent who has testified as a cyber forensics expert in over 100 classified, criminal, and civil cases at the state, federal, and international levels, the Washington Examiner was able to confirm that the laptop was real.

Konstantinos "Gus" Dimitrelos gave the drive a full forensic examination to find out if it was real and if there were any signs that it had been tampered with. Dimitrelos used a method he came up with called "digital sandwiching" to compare thousands of emails, documents, business records, text messages, Apple Notes, photos, geolocation data, travel records, and other pieces of information on the drive. This led him to the conclusion that Biden is the only person who could have made the data.

Dimitrelos told the Washington Examiner in May that his analysis showed that there is a 100% chance that Robert Hunter Biden was the only person who used this hard drive and all of the information it held. "The data on the hard drive of Hunter Biden's MacBook Pro is real and was not hacked. Based on the information I looked at, no user's photos, emails, documents, or other activities were changed."

Dimitrelos looked at the records on the drive and found that Hunter Biden's iCloud account was syncing his personal information with his MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad when the computer was last used in March 2019. Hunter Biden's Apple ID account, which is used to sign in to all Apple services, has been linked to 46 different devices since 2011, Dimitrelos said. This includes more than 20 iPhones, eight Mac computers, nine iPads, and three Apple TVs.

It's not clear if this latest leak, which supposedly came from the younger Biden's iCloud, came from the same account that was linked to the hard drive that the Washington Examiner checked.


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