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Winner of the block australia 2020, Jimmy and Tam take home more than $1 million


The Block 2020 auction result: Winners take home more than $1 million in record-breaking night for the show

The Block crowned Queenslanders Jimmy and Tam best, taking home the first ever seven-figure amount in the history of the reno show.


All five luxury Brighton houses soared beyond reserve over $460,000 in a season that gave away more money than ever before.

But Jimmy and Tam collected the most impressive wins, bringing home a whopping $1,066m.

That's $313,998 more than runners up the renovation show, Sarah and George.

The winning 1950s-style property at Brighton's 360A New St sold for $4,256m, $966,000 above the $3.29m reserve.

The rookie renovators were awarded a seven-figure amount after the extra $100,000 in prize money was added on top.

The bar manager and bowling club worker, who selected the vital auction order, said they'd celebrate the success of every contestant before finding out how to use life-changing winnings.

"Tonight will be lots of beers and that's as far ahead as we're thinking at this stage," said Jimmy, 33.

"We collectively took away much of the capital The Block has ever seen.

"Our whole goal in selecting the auction order was to make sure everyone got a really good sum of money, and they did, so everyone's happy."

Young cyber security specialist Emese Fajk bought their home, who only inspected the house a day before the auction after watching the show religiously.

Jimmy and Tam celebrate
Jimmy and Tam celebrate

Sarah and George's glamorous 1940s house were strong runners up, picking up $652,002 for their six-bedroom pad at No. 362B after selling for $4,000,002.

South Australian couple Daniel and Jade finished last but their home nevertheless sold for $3.8m, a whopping $460,000 over their reserve.

Danny Wallis, a notorious block buyer, snapped up their 1930s home.

He also spent $4m on father-daughter duo Harry and Tash's north-facing home. The Victorians won $650,000 and finished seventh.

Luke and Jasmin finished second last surprisingly, winning $506,000 from a $3,856m deal.

Buyer's advocate Nicole Jacobs, a daily bidder on The Block, said three properties sold at $4m or higher "not surprised."

"My price was $4m plus if there was deep competition, and we had that from one buyer (Danny Wallis), who really wanted it," said Ms Jacobs.

"The land is probably worth $2.1m, $2m build, plus another $500,000 sponsorship furnishings."

Ms Jacobs bid competitively at almost every auction but couldn't win any assets. Even other buyer's advocates Frank Valentic and Greville Pabst couldn't get out on top.

The Block will return in 2021 for a 17th season to be filmed in Hampton.

Jimmy and Tam's incredible auction day result makes Block history in 2020.

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